Apps Like ShareChat and their Features



ShareChat is a mobile app and social media platform that allows users to communicate with each other by sharing photos, videos, text messages, and audio. It was launched in India in 2015 and has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free to use.

The unique feature of ShareChat is the ability to create private chatrooms where users can share files, talk with each other, or share their thoughts without worrying about anyone else seeing them. Users can also join public chatrooms where they can connect with people from all over the world who share similar interests. Moreover, ShareChat is integrated with various other online services like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., making it easy for users to post content on multiple platforms.

ShareChat also offers a variety of interactive features like polls, quizzes, and games that make it an enjoyable experience for its users. Additionally, ShareChat has recently launched its own digital wallet called Mojo Wallet, which allows users to transfer money and pay bills directly through the application, making it even more convenient than ever!

 ShareChat features

  • Social Networking: Connect with Friends
  • Messaging: Direct and Group Chat
  • Fun Features: Audio, Video, GIFs
  • Create Content: Posts and Stories
  • Privacy Settings: Customize Your Profile
  • Engage with Communities: Follow & Share

ShareChat Alternatives



Likee is a short-video platform developed by Singapore’s BIGO Technology in 2017. It enables users to create and share 15-second videos with special effects, music, and other tools. The app is similar to Periscope in that it allows users to broadcast live and interact with one another in real-time. Unlike Periscope, however, Likee offers more sophisticated video editing capabilities such as face-tracking filters, 3D masks, virtual backgrounds, speed controls, and more. 

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The app also features a wide range of song selections from the world’s most popular music streaming services, like, Spotify and Apple Music, for users to add to their videos. In addition, it has a social component that allows people to follow each other’s feeds and comment on shared posts. Finally, Likee also provides content creators with analytics such as views count so they can track their progress over time.

Likee App features

  • User Interface: Sleek & Engaging
  • Video Editing Tools: Creative Fun
  • Special Effects: Stand-Out Content
  • Live Streaming: Interact Instantly
  • Discover Talent Via Challenges: Start Trends
  • In-App Purchases: Support Creators



Dubsmash is an app that allows users to lip-sync short audio clips and share the video with their friends. It was founded in 2014 and has quickly become one of the most popular apps on the market. The app is free on both Apple and Android platforms and encourages users to be creative by creating their sound clips or using pre-made ones. 

Users can also create a “dub” of someone else’s sound clip, allowing them to add their spin on it. Once completed, videos can be shared through social media or sent directly to friends. They can even go viral if they are funny enough. Dubsmash allows you to express yourself creatively and helps bring people together as they create a common language with which everyone can communicate regardless of language barriers or geographical location.

 Dubsmash features

  • Voice Recording Feature
  • Video Editing Tools
  • Filters and Stickers
  • Music and Audio Library
  • Community Hubs
  • A Fun Way to Share Videos
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Chingari is a short video social media platform that has taken over the Indian market in recent years. It has been highly successful due to its unique features, such as challenge videos, interactive quizzes, live streaming, and more. The app allows users to create and share their content like music, funny clips, jokes, motivational stories, and more, with friends or publicly. 

It also provides an exciting way for users to discover new content from other creators worldwide. Users can also send messages directly to each other through Chingari’s messaging feature. Additionally, it allows them to join different groups based on topics of interest and follow others with similar interests or hobbies. With its innovative features and broad user base, Chingari has become one of the most popular apps in India today.

 Chingari features

  • Live Streaming Feature
  • Video Status Sharing Feature
  • Reactions & Commenting Feature
  • Games, Contests, and Challenges Feature
  • Incentivizing Content Creators Feature



Periscope is a popular video streaming app that allows users to broadcast live videos, both publicly and privately. It was acquired by Twitter in 2015 and has become one of the most widely used apps for broadcasting. The app has several features designed to enhance user engagement and add an interactive element to broadcasts.

One of Periscope’s standout features is its ‘hearts’ system, which allows viewers to show support by tapping on their screens when they like what they see. For broadcasters, hearts can be used as a way to measure how people are reacting to their content, with broadcasters receiving notifications whenever someone taps the heart icon during their broadcasts. This feature also encourages interaction between broadcasters and viewers as it gives viewers an easy way to show appreciation for the content being presented.

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Another useful feature Periscope offers the ability to allow users to replay streams after the broadcast. It means those who missed the original broadcast can still watch it at any time afterward, making it easier for people who don’t have enough time or data allowance during a live stream to catch up on what they missed later.

Features of Helo App

  • Messaging
  • Video & Voice Calling
  • Customization
  • Languages & Emojis
  • Smart Feeds

Bigo Live

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a streaming video app that allows users to livestream their experiences in real-time. Users can watch and broadcast live streams through the app, interact with other viewers and broadcasters, and share their experiences on social media. The app also includes a variety of filters, effects, stickers, and frames to enhance the livestreaming experience. Bigo Live encourages engagement between its users by offering rewards like virtual gifts that viewers can send to broadcasters during streams. It also offers different subscription plans for premium content. 

With Bigo Live’s wide variety of features and interactive elements, it has become one of the most popular streaming apps on the market today. In addition to livestreams from everyday people, it also features professional content from celebrities such as live performances, interviews, and Q&As with influencers. All these features make Bigo Live an ideal platform for anyone looking to participate in interactive live-streaming experiences from anywhere in the world.

 Bigo Live features

  • Video Streaming
  • Audio Broadcasting
  • Live Video Chatting
  • Virtual Gifts & Rewards
  • Online Games
  • Text Messaging
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