MeMe Live And Their Alternatives

MeMe Live

MeMe Live

MeMe Live is a livestreaming mobile app that allows users to watch and broadcast live-streaming videos. It was launched in the summer of 2018 and has quickly gained traction among social media users. The app offers a wide variety of features, including integrated chat rooms, the ability to filter comments, user profiles with customizable avatars, and virtual coins that can be used to reward viewers. 

Additionally, the platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide users with personalized streams based on their interests. Furthermore, it allows for simultaneous broadcasting from multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. With its powerful tools and excellent user experience, MeMe Live stands out among other livestreaming apps like Periscope.

 MeMe Live features

  • Video Streaming Platform Features
  • Interaction & Communication Options
  • Safety & Moderation Tools
  • Monetizing Your Channel
  • Community Building Potential
  • Unlocking Your Creativity

MeMe Live Alternatives



Live streaming apps are becoming increasingly popular today, and Periscope is at the forefront. Periscope has many features that set it apart from similar apps, such as Twitch and YouTube Live. This article will explore some of those features and look at other apps like Periscope that offer similar services. We will discuss how each app is unique and how it can help users reach a larger audience.

Periscope Features

  • Live Streaming
  • Broadcasting Options
  • Video Replays
  • Engagement Tools
  • Security Settings
  • Social Sharing



Uplive is a live-streaming app that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It allows users to broadcast their lives, interact with viewers in real time, and share their moments with friends. Uplive boasts over 50 million registered users worldwide and over 20 different countries where it can be used.

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Uplive also allows its users to earn money by broadcasting their lives as a “Star” on the platform. They receive virtual gifts from fans which can then be converted into cash. Additionally, many exciting features, such as interactive games, chat rooms, and content discovery areas, make Uplive stand out from other apps like Periscope.

Uplive also offers a variety of filters that allow its users to customize their appearance while streaming. This feature helps engage viewers and encourages them to stay tuned throughout the stream while providing an opportunity for creators to monetize their streams or grow an audience on Uplive even further!

Uplive features

  • Live Streaming Features
  • Social Interactivity
  • Virtual Gifting System
  • In-App Purchases
  • Uplive VIP



LiveMe is a live-streaming app that allows users to broadcast their lives and connect with viewers from around the world. It provides real-time interactive experiences for broadcasters and viewers alike. LiveMe offers users unique features, such as virtual gifts and rewards for content creators, live chat rooms, hashtags to find those broadcasting on similar topics of interest, and even a chance for fans to become verified with the “Super Broadcaster” status. With its user-friendly interface, LiveMe provides an easy way for new streamers to get set up and start streaming in no time quickly.

LiveMe also has several ways to monetize streams. Streamers can earn money through virtual gifts sent by their fans, or they may run ads on their streams in exchange for coins or points, which can be exchanged into cash through PayPal or other payment services. Streamers may also link their social media accounts to share links directly on LiveMe, which will help boost followers across multiple platforms.

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  • Strengths
  • Live Streams
  • Interactions
  • Challenges
  • Rewards



Lamour is an app that allows users to stream live, one-on-one video calls with anyone in the world. It offers a unique way to connect with friends, family, and strangers. The app has several features that distinguish it from other streaming apps like Periscope.

One of the most notable features of Lamour is its “Knockback” system which requires both users to agree before any video chat can take place. This feature ensures that only consensual interactions can happen on the app and provides greater security for all users. Another great feature of the app is its built-in filters, allowing users to customize their videos in real time by adding different effects, such as blurring certain parts of their faces or changing colors in the background.

The app also has a social element where users can follow, comment on each other’s streams, and send messages outside live streams. It helps build relationships with fellow Lamour members and makes it easy for users to find people who share similar interests or have standard connections in real life.

Lamour features

  • Enhancing User Experience
  • Automatic Updates
  • Security and Privacy Protection
  • Advanced Technology



StreamKar is a live-streaming mobile application that allows users to broadcast or watch live videos from anywhere in the world. With StreamKar, individuals have an opportunity to showcase their talents and share their experiences with viewers beyond their immediate circle. It also offers users several features such as chat, virtual gifts, and even a karaoke feature.

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Its chat feature lets users talk to one another in real-time during live streams or comment on posts for others to see. The karaoke feature allows people to sing along with music through StreamKar’s extensive catalog of songs and even record themselves singing them if they wish. Lastly, the virtual gift system lets users show appreciation by sending virtual items like coins and hearts used as currency within the app. It helps creators monetize their content by earning rewards based on how many gifts they receive from viewers.

StreamKar Features

  1. Interface
  2. Chatting & Messaging
  3. Stream Shopping
  4. Audio & Video Quality
  5. Safety & Security



Bandhoo is a live-streaming app that is specifically designed for artists and bands. It allows them to stream their music performances and share other content, such as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with their fans. The app also provides tools for musicians to collaborate on new music projects in real time. Bandhoo has an easy-to-use interface for users to quickly upload videos, photos, and audio recordings, which can then be shared with their followers or even monetized through selling tickets or merchandise related to the performance. 

Additionally, artists can create private groups to share exclusive content and interact with peers. By using the “Bandhoo Connect” feature, musicians can connect regardless of location to organize virtual jam sessions or practice sessions without physically meeting up. Furthermore, Bandhoo provides powerful analytics that allows creators to track their viewers’ behavior while watching streams to identify what works best when engaging with audiences.

Bandhoo Features

  1. Customizable Chat Rooms
  2. Private Messaging
  3. Group Video Calls
  4. Secure Data Storage
  5. Automated Moderation Tools
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