Lending in Retail Chains – IT Solution for Retail

Retail Chains

In the world, such types of financial services as payment in installments, pay-later, and a credit limit, which are issued not by banks but by financial companies, have become popular and no longer cause concern when buying. Large trading players (retail and e-commerce, car dealerships, clinics, developers, telecom operators) are actively opening their financial companies to serve the maximum number of customers.

The main problems when launching your own loan products are the complexity and speed of implementation, the quality and flexibility of the software for lending, the cost of the solution itself, and its support at all stages.

It is they who scare away many market participants and hinder implementation. However, the interest in introducing domestic lending services in their own networks is very strong, and we offer an excellent solution for moving away from external bank lending.

How to solve the issue of technical implementation of your own credit products?

Neo-Fin has developed its own IT modular product, which provides the fastest possible launch of an internal loan project within 10-30 days. Thus, the software from Neo-Fin in a complex solves the issue from the technical and legislative sides. The transferable source code of the IT solution guarantees maximum flexibility and independence for the customer. Neo-Fin provides complete freedom of customization, loan origination system, add-ons, and improvements to the original product entirely on the customer’s side. This is convenient for clients and, so far, a rarity in the market for credit solutions, where about 60% of the source code is the property of the contractor.

Neo-Fin software allows companies to quickly launch a full-fledged online and offline lending service. The software package includes all the functions from creating a site using the constructor to the registration service, issuing a loan, and its further support. Including you get a White Label mobile application for iOS or Android. It is also allowed to refine the existing mobile application of the trading network with the added functionality of credit solutions. It is reliable, profitable, and convenient for any company.

Programs for credit institutions

Programs generate the necessary reports and increase employees’ productivity, automating the organization. Designed for microfinance organizations, credit companies, pawnshops, private banks, and other enterprises.

Programs for credit organizations are designed to transfer all activities of a credit enterprise to automation mode. They take care of the accounting and formation of contracts, monitor the timeliness of receipt of payments and the presence of debts, and create printed forms of papers and various reports.

The software configuration delimits the access of employees to individual blocks of information. Also, the program for a credit institution can monitor the state of affairs of the borrower and the debt repayment process, notifying about the presence of violations in terms.

Automate your organization’s work and allow employees to spend more time on other important things. Programs for credit institutions will generate documents for you, send notifications of cash transactions, and remind of the need to repay the debt to the borrower.