Is Real Estate Crowdfunding a Good Investment?


The platforms of real estate crowdfunding are new to the market. That’s a great way to make your funds work and do not rely on the traditional stock market only. As a result, real estate crowdfunding is known as a real opportunity for small investors to invest in huge projects. 

In general, more than 10 years ago no one thought that it was possible to earn money from investors you don’t know in person. But real estate platforms change everything. 

Today we see a huge rise in this industry, and its growth has not yet reached its peak. If you want to know how to start a real estate crowdfunding platform then you are on the right path and at the right time. You only need to find a reputable vendor to create top-notch software and attract investors. 

The Basics: What Is Real Estate Crowdfunding

This concept is new but very beneficial for those people who want to fund money in a smart way. But you must find out more information about it before participating in crowdfunding. That’s the key to success in investments because you can succeed only while you are understanding what you are investing in.

There are many crowdfunding projects focused on the same idea: a group of people puts their money to fund a company, a product, or a service with an intention to receive profit in the future. Many platforms have high financial requirements to enter the exact project. But at the moment many of them decrease such demands to let more investors fund. 

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For instance, it’s quite real to crowdfund real estate by funding only $500. Such low financial barriers help to extend the audience of such projects and let ordinary people become investors in one of the most challenging areas of business. 

Usually, platforms for crowdfunding in this area direct investors’ funds into companies called REITs (real estate investment trusts). REITs own and manage different types of real estate, for instance, hotels, apartments, malls, warehouses, and so on. 

H2 The main reasons to invest in real estate crowdfunding 

The idea of such a type of crowdfunding is focused on letting ordinary people become investors. They are able to receive financial advantages from the returns on the real estate market. 

So here are the key advantages of funding in real estate nowadays.

Minimal Financial Barriers

you don’t need to invest several thousand dollars to become a real estate investor. Many companies decrease the minimal limits for investments. It’s possible to find platforms asking for $500 to start your investment portfolio. 

Tasty Dividends

Most platforms in this area work with REITs, so by funding money people expect tasty dividends. Due to current laws, such companies are obligated to pay investors 90% of all taxable profit. As a result, you can expect a nice income, sometimes even higher than your expectations. 


If you desire to make your investment portfolio stronger then you should definitely choose to crowdsource real estate investing. Yes, you’ll have to pay taxes on your profit but you’ll still take advantage of your choice. Also, you may avoid paying taxes on your dividends if you put your income from real estate onto your retirement account. 

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Useful Experience

It’s quite easy to start your real estate investment portfolio. By participating in such a project, you can easily earn useful experience and invest in other areas in the future. Experts say that the real estate market is a perfect way to start your investing career. 

No Landlord’s Issues 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to have your property but you can’t imagine how many issues you’ll face as a landlord. You must deal with tenants, domestic problems, emergency maintenance, and so on. But as a crowdfunding investor, you avoid all possible challenges. 

Anyway, crowdfunding in the real estate business means many opportunities for investors. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget that any opportunity also means risk. 

Risks Of Crowdfunding In Real Estate

One of the key advantages of investing in the real estate market becomes its main disadvantages. The point is about the low financial barrier to investment. It means that many people who have $500-1000 free money are able to put their savings on a relevant platform. But because of the small limits they may be not informed and skilled enough to make such investments. 

It’s important to understand that investors who put $5000 are more attentive to their actions than investors with $500. They pay much time and attention to clarifying how to crowdfund real estate and do not make mistakes. As a result, the absence of experience and fear makes investors with small portfolios face risks and failures.

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If you are considering real estate crowdfunding as gambling then it isn’t the best option for you. All types of investments require a cold-minded and focused position. 

To Invest Or Not To Invest?

Anyway, everything depends on the individual and his or her personal features. Many people value even $100 so they will pay much attention to all investment details before making a deal. If you dive deep into this topic and prepare yourself for possible issues you can succeed no matter the sum you are ready to invest. 

Also, the real estate market is known as one of the most stable types of investment. It is described as one with a cycling nature but at the same time, it’s less volatile compared to other options on the market. So among other investments, you wouldn’t make mistakes by selecting the crowdfunded property. 

So in the end you can ask yourself is crowdfunding worth it?.. Yes, it is definitely worth your attention and funds. There are many platforms you can try. All of them are similar and different at the same time. Just pay attention to the investment limits, management fees, possible restrictions, reviews, and so on.

Now you know the basics of crowdfunding investments in the real estate market. So keep on going to develop your skills to take real advantage of your investments!