Fun Times In Indianapolis

Fun things in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a fun place to be with so many cool activities to engage in during fall and summer. There are usual, weird, and thrilling things to do at every turn in the state. Tourists are not left out of all these; many spots are littered around the state for tourists to learn about Indianapolis’s uniqueness. If you are interested in visiting this luxurious city for its attractions, we have a detailed guide to help make your stay memorable.

Best Places to Take Pictures in Indianapolis

Indy has the best backgrounds and scenery for taking pictures for different events- from wedding shoots to family group photos to maternity shots to birthday shots.

Some of these places are:

● Holcomb gardens

● State Park, Fork Harrison

● Laurel Hall

● The Canal

● Fountain Square

● Coxhall Garden

● Holiday Park

● Tappers Arcade Bar

● Marcus Art and Event Center

● And many others.

If you are an international tourist seeking to visit a place with unconventional and incredible sights, then Indianapolis is the best place for you. International travelers like you are always welcomed in the state capital. It is fully known that the United States of America is tourist-friendly and affordable to settle into for the duration of your visit.Processing your entry into the US depends majorly on your country of origin.


There are some countries whose residents do not need to apply for a visa to gain access. However, these countries are fewer than 50. If you belong to any other, you only need to fill your esta application form on the website. This validates whether you’re fit enough to enter Americaas the DHS departments screen the applicants. However, this is not all. The US customs would still check you on your way in. 

ESTA application form contains your biometric details and essential information about your employment status, marital status, religion, and other likely details. If you’re coming in with your family, each family member must have an ESTA profile.Your esta application status would be relayed to you via email or web services a few minutes after applying. The website tells you how long your status is valid and the point at which renewal would be needed.

It is essential to state that you update your ESTA status accordingly if you have a change of name or a new biometric feature.


Choosing to visit Indianapolis is a lovely decision, and after your stay, we’d bet that you’d wish to stay longer.

Games in Indianapolis 

There are different areas for gaming activities in Indy. These games are meant for individuals, groups, children, and adults alike. Some are played in online gaming centers, others arcade centers, amusement parks, and several other gaming stores and sports complexes. Playing games in Indianapolis also boosts your tourist experience. We’ll be listing a few for you to add to your itinerary.

They are;

● Blue Wall Virtual Reality entertainment center

● Incrediplex

● Ax throwing game centers

● Sky zone (for little children)

● Family Time game center

● Evo rock and fitness Indy

● And many others.

Playing games increase your mental and physical fitness.

Best Fishing Spots in Indianapolis 

Fishing is a recreational activity everyone loves. 

Did we mention that Indianapolis has a non-navigable water body? Yes, it does!

Due to this, several recreational parks are built around Indy with excellent facilities for residents and tourists alike to have the most fishing experience. Some of these fishing grounds include;

● Eagle Creek Park

● Riverside Park, located downtown Indy

● Meadowlark Park

● Southwestway Park

● Holliday themed park


● Geist Park

● And many more.

The fishes harvested are all of good quality and most times fit to consume.

Although a fishing license is required, the license is affordable and convenient to retrieve.

Fun Facts About Indianapolis

  1. It has a lot of aliases. Some include Indy, Naptown, Crossroads of America, India-no-place.
  2. Its nickname “Naptown” was coined in the 1930s by jazz musicians in the state.
  3. The world’s first theme park is located here.
  4. The biggest world sport event called ‘500 car race’ is held in Indianapolis.
  5. The last concert Elvis Presley gave before his death was held in Indianapolis.
  6. Indianapolis has one of the top three largest cemeteries in The United States.
  7. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is one of the most visited museums and the largest in the world.
  8. The Indianapolis Zoo is widely acclaimed all over the world because of its conservation objectives.

Indianapolis is truly a unique place.


You can never be bored in Naptown. Take your family on a trip to Indianapolis to see historical sites like the Underground Railroad stop beneath the noodle bar. Take the best pictures for Instagram at the lush scenery in Indianapolis. Have the best time of your lives in this extraordinary state capital of Indiana.