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Forebet is an online football prediction website that provides accurate and reliable predictions for various football matches worldwide. It has an algorithm based on a statistical analysis of the teams’ recent performance, form, and head-to-head history. The site also offers detailed match previews and team news, making it easier for users to make informed betting decisions. 

The site also offers a range of tools, such as a bet calculator to help you calculate your potential returns from any bets you place and a live score service so you can keep up with all the action in real time. Forebet also features tips from experts who analyze upcoming games so you can gain further insight into each game before placing your bet. Additionally, Forebet has free content on its website and exclusive premium membership options providing access to exclusive information about upcoming matches, which could increase your chances of winning more bets. features

  • Sports Betting
  • Football Predictions
  • Casino Games & Slots
  • Live In-Play Betting
  • Other Features & Benefits Alternatives



In recent years, Fctables has become one of the most widely used sources for football data. However, for those looking for an alternative due to dissatisfaction with Fctables, or just a different source of data, several other options are available. This article will look at some alternatives to Fctables and the features they provide. We will discuss their advantages and disadvantages and how they compare to Fctables regarding cost, reliability, usability, and more.

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Fctables features

1: User Interface

2: Data Searching

3: Transfer Market Rules

Betexplorer is an online sports statistics website for soccer, tennis, basketball, and other popular sports. It provides information about past matches, teams, and players. The site also gives users access to live scores from various competitions worldwide. Additionally, users can compare odds from different bookmakers in one place with the help of Betexplorer’s Odds Comparison tool. In addition to this, users can find more detailed match data, such as head-to-head stats and team forms, with their Head-to-Head Statistics tool.

 Furthermore, the site offers a wide range of statistical analysis tools such as trend analysis, allowing users to identify how teams have performed over time and gain insight into future performance or predict match outcomes based on historical results. Finally, it provides a graphical representation of results through its Live Score Graph so that users can quickly analyze individual matches or compare two team performances over time in a single graph.

Betting features with

  1. Odds Comparison
  2. Live Streaming
  3. Results & Statistics
  4. Cash Out Feature
  5. Bonuses & Promotions
  6. Mobile App Support

Windrawwin is an online football prediction website that provides users with the latest football news and matches analysis. It offers many features, including match previews, predictions, results, match stats, head-to-head comparisons, league tables, and more. The site also has a highly complex analysis system that uses advanced algorithms to analyze data from over 1000 leagues worldwide and provide accurate predictions for matches. 

Also Read And Their Alternatives also offers an intuitive mobile app, making it easier to access its services on the go. Additionally, users can receive live score updates via push notifications or email to keep them informed on their favorite teams’ progress in real-time. With all these great features, Windrawwin is one of the most reliable alternatives to Fctables for keeping up with football news and information. features

  • Features: Bets, Results, and Statistics
  • Betting Options: Singles, Doubles, System
  • Betting Markets: Football, Basketball, and more
  • In-Play Betting: Live Streaming and Cash Out
  • Customer Support: 24/7 Help Center

Livescores is a great alternative to Fctables for up-to-date, detailed football live scores. The website allows users to browse all the major European leagues and view live scores, fixtures, results, and standings in real-time. It also provides a “My Teams” feature that allows users to follow their favorite teams more closely by selecting them as favorites and receiving regular updates on their progress. In addition, offers an extensive range of statistics, including head-to-head comparisons between teams or players, individual player performance stats, and team rankings based on various criteria, such as the number of wins or goals scored per season.

 Furthermore, it has an algorithm that displays the most likely outcomes of upcoming matches depending on past results so that users can make educated guesses about who will win a match before it takes place. Finally, is free to use with no registration necessary – perfect for those who want quick access to all the latest football news without any hassle!

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  • Live Match Scores
  • In-play Stats
  • Comprehensive Database
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Mobile App
  • Powerful Livescoring Tool

Betbrain is a website that offers football statistics, betting predictions and comparisons of different betting odds from various bookmakers. It allows users to compare the best bookmaker prices for various sports markets, including football matches, tennis, basketball, and other popular sports.

The website also offers a detailed statistical analysis of team performance in every match. It provides users with expert betting tips on making more informed decisions when placing their bets. Betbrain’s advanced search tools enable users to quickly filter through thousands of games across multiple leagues or countries to find the best value bet for their bet. The site also has an extensive range of news articles about current sporting events and trends in different countries.

Furthermore, Betbrain’s free-to-use mobile app provides users with easy access to up-to-date results, fixtures, and live scores from around the world to keep track of all their favorite teams on the go. The app also features an integrated chat system allowing members to share tips and ask questions about specific games or teams.

Betbrain features

1: Live Odds

2: Range of Sports

3: Predictions

4: Statistics

5: Bankroll Management

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