FlexShopper And Their Alternatives



FlexShopper is an e-commerce platform that provides customers with the rental and lease-to-own options for electronic items. This alternative to Rent-A-Center allows customers to purchase items such as TVs, computers, smartphones, furniture, appliances, and more without needing credit checks or long contracts. Customers can spread out payments over time in biweekly installments with no interest charges or hidden fees. 

FlexShopper also offers a variety of payment methods so customers can use their preferred payment services, such as PayPal Credit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and debit cards. There is also an option for consumers to pay rent on products using federal assistance programs like SNAP benefits. To obtain an item from FlexShopper, minimal requirements like a valid ID and proof of income make it easier than ever for credit-challenged consumers to purchase the things they want.


FlexShopper features

  1. Online Shopping Platforms
  2. Payment Options and Flexibility
  3. Credit Requirements & Protection
  4. Delivery & Returns
  5. Customer Service & Support

FlexShopper Alternatives

Progressive Leasing

Progressive Leasing

Progressive Leasing is a great alternative to rent-to-own companies like Rent-A-Center. It offers an easy, relatively low-cost lease purchase program that allows customers to pay off their items over time. Unlike other rent-to-own programs, Progressive’s lease terms are longer and more flexible, making it easier for customers to manage their payments. 

Furthermore, there are no hidden fees or interest charges with Progressive’s leasing program – all additional costs associated with the item being leased are clearly stated upfront. Customers also have the option to return or exchange their items at any time during the lease agreement without incurring any penalties or additional fees. Finally, Progressive offers an online application process for prospective customers which helps make signing up for its leasing program quick and simple.

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Progressive Leasing features

  • Benefits: Quick & Easy
  • Cost Savings: Save Money
  • Payment Options: Flexible Terms
  • Security & Safety: Secure Transactions
  • Customer Support: Friendly Assistance



Katapult is an online rent-to-own platform that provides flexible financing options to help consumers purchase the latest electronics, furniture, and appliances. The company offers a variety of payment plans with no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

Unlike Rent-A-Center, Katapult does not require customers to make down payments. Instead, customers can choose from payment plans ranging from weekly to biweekly or monthly installments at their own pace. Additionally, Katapult’s leases are month-to-month and don’t come with fixed terms or early termination fees.

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The company also offers a rewards program for its customers. Customers can earn points by making on-time payments every month, which can be redeemed for discounts and special offers on future purchases. Furthermore, Katapult has partnered with major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy so customers can shop for products in-store and online at discounted prices.

Katapult features

  • Core Feature: Loan Funds
  • Credit Builder Tool
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Financial Coaching Support
  • Mobile App Accessibility
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