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david rubulotta

David Rubulotta is the husband of one of the prestigious CNN news anchors and reporter named Erin Burnett. 

CHILDHOOD and EDUCATION of David Rubulotta

David Rubulotta was born in the year 1973 in Pennsylvania but his exact place and date of birth has not been stated yet. He moved out from the suburban state of living and went to Villanova University. He got his Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising and Marketing from Villanova University in Pennsylvania along with finishing his major in Business Management. After his graduation he completed his Master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from Columbia University in the year 1993. His family was very supportive and he lived with his parents, helped them to start a business from scratch and made it successful and achieved great heights with the help of his family. He grew his interest in entrepreneurship , adapted teamwork and was a critical thinker on a day to day basis in his life.

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CAREER of David Rubulotta

There used to be a top investment company in the United States named Lehmand Brothers, he worked as a broker there , this was his very first job. David achieved great success in stock markets and monetary investigations through his knowledge in banking and administrations. At the mere age of 25, he owned stocks, condominiums and establishments as an additional source of revenue. He always used to say that passive income is important and should be valued more than liquid assets. Because of David’s professional stocks dealership and analysis skills he was offered the position of Executive by Citibank and because of him, Citibank made huge profits in no time. He became the Managing Director of the Citibank as soon as he married Erin Burnett and started earning $450k per annum, nearly around half a million US dollars.

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WIFE ERIN BURNETT of David Rubulotta

First meeting of David and Erin was not less than a movie scene, in 2002 Erin’s mutual friend named Nicola Lokko set up a blind date for Erin and David. Erin stood nervously in the restaurant waiting for his date and kept staring at the restaurant’s entrance to get a glimpse of his blind date and then she saw David in a black suit with brown hair and at that particular point of time she knew that this was him and considered him as the ‘one’ for her. They both started their official relationship a year later but their families were ecstatic. 8 years later in the year 2011,as the sun sets, David finally went on his knees pulling out a 30 carat engagement ring on a secluded island in the Caribbean. Then in the year 2012 Erin and David got married on 21st December in a New York City Hall. Their wedding was a Christmas themed wedding.

CHILDREN of David Rubulotta

David Rubulotta and Eric Burnett have three children , first named Thomas Burnett Rubulotta  born on November 29th in the year 2013. The second child is Colby Isabelle born on July 18th 2015 and then the newest member of the family was Owen Thomas on August 23rd 2018. Whole family lives in New Jersey, owning an apartment in Upper West of New York near Central Park.

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NET WORTH of David Rubulotta

As a managing director of a part of Citi Bank has provided him with a yearly salary up to $250,000. His apartment in the Upper West of New York nearby the Central Park is estimated at $2 millions and sources estimated David’s wealth as $16 million.

Net worth of his wife Erin Burnett is estimated at $12 million while her salary is as high as $3 million. She is a well respected journalist and a news anchor. Net worth of both husband and wife touches millions and they both live a luxury and a prosperous life together.

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