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alexis knief

Timothy Olyphant has always stolen hearts whenever he made an appearance. However, he broke some hearts too when people would come to know about his wife. Alexis Knief was someone who had stolen the starry-eyed actor’s heart from the moment he saw her. 

They are college lovers and have been married for 30 years now. Their marriage is a huge success and they pride themselves on the fact that they are one of the most stable couples in Hollywood. Whereas most couples let the glamour of the industry affect their private life, it seems that Olyphant and Knief had created a shield against it.

Alexis Knief tries to keep an extremely low profile from the media. She loves to live her private life without bathing in the glory of being a Hollywood star’s wife.     

Alexis Knief of Early Life

There has been hardly any information regarding Knief. She does not have a social media where we can just go and stalk her for her information. However, we do know that she was born in 1970.

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We do not know who her parents are and if she has any siblings or not. However, all we know is that she went to the University of Southern California. This was where she met Timothy Olyphant. 

The duo started by being friends and after some time decided to start dating. From there, it was all history.   

Alexis Knief Age

Knief was born in 1970, which makes her 51 years old. Nothing much is known about her, but we know that she was born and brought up in the USA.

Her marriage to Olyphant brought her to the limelight. Even though she has come in front of the media quite a few times, she has given away very little information. She loves to be secluded from the dramas of Hollywood. She is so secretive that she has never even revealed her birthday. 

Her husband has respected this privacy and does not post much about his wife either. However, this must not mean there is any love lost between the couple.   

Alexis Knief Husband

As mentioned before, she is the wife of the superstar Timothy Olyphant. The actor seems to be extremely grounded to his family. He never once forgets to give credit to his wife for supporting him. He is extremely grateful to Knief for standing by him throughout his years of struggle and turmoil.

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He even respects his wife’s privacy and hardly posts any information about her on his social media. However, he does bring her to certain important events and ceremonies. She does seem extremely comfortable in front of the camera, but she still wants to be far from it. 

They have been married for 30 years now and the fans still marvel at how they are so strong together yet. Olyphant has revealed that the secret to their marriage is to grow together. They both were married quite young and had made sure that their marriage will not be a hindrance to their careers or personal growth.    

There were rumors once about them getting separated. The rumor was ignited once when some fans had noticed that he was wearing the wedding ring on his right hand. Later, it was revealed that the marriage was safe, it was Olyphant who always wore the ring on his right hand unlike others, who wear it on the left.     

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Alexis Knief Children

Though Knief was married at 23 years old, they had waited for eight years before having children. They have three children now. Their first one was born in 1999 named Grace Katherine. In 2001, they welcomed their son Henry. And finally, in 2003, Vivian was born. 

She has also managed to keep her children safe from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Knief does not want her family to be tainted by the flashiness of Hollywood. 

Alexis Knief Net Worth

There has been hardly any information regarding Knief’s career. Also, we do not know anything about her parents even. All of this makes it a bit difficult to put an estimate on her net worth. 

However, she is Timothy Olyphant’s wife, and she would get a certain share of his net worth. By taking that into account, we can say that her net worth is near about $1 million.    

Alexis Knief Work

As mentioned before, Knief hardly informs anything to the media. She has also successfully kept her career hidden from the eyes of the world. There is no information if she works somewhere or if she is just a housewife. 

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