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cinzia rota

BIOGRAPHY of Cinzia Rota

Cinzia Rota is not known by many people since she was only known and brought into the spotlight by her association with the iconic wrestler Bret Hart. 

Cinzia Rota is Italian by nationality. She is Bret Hart’s second wife who is a retired professional wrestler, actor, and writer.Their first meeting was in Italy and they were married on September 15, 2004 and later got divorced in 2007.

HUSBAND of Cinzia Rota

Bret once openly admitted that he was a serial adulterer. While married to his first wife, Julie Smadu, he confessed to having sex with numerous women during his professional touring on WWE. Bret is said to have many women around the world. There have been incidents where fans asked for his autograph and they not only got an autograph but also met with the famous wrestler and even participated in intense and intimate sexual activities that their fans were forced to do because it was a privilege she was viewed. even though he knew that Bret was already married to Julia. His adventures weren’t just for one night; He even admitted that he had a month-long affair with a waitress from New Jersey. His wife Julie knew about the adulterous act Bret was committing behind his back at this time, after seeing all the long-distance bills. However, she tolerated and stayed with Bret, even if she was aware of his infidelity. This led to more womanizing activities, which Bret undertook without thinking about his four children and his wife. But Julie reached the peak of her patience when Bret traveled to Italy for WWE. .In Italy, Bret met Cinzia Rota, who had been her avid fan since childhood. Similar to the scenarios in which Bret finds his adventure, the two met at an autograph session and then finally had an affair. This ended with Julie and Bret’s almost 20-year marriage, they separated in 1998 and finally filed for divorce after a few meetings in 2002. Bret and Cinzia married on September 15, 2004, but also divorced three years later. 

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DIVORCE of Cinzia Rota

After Julie and Bret divorced in 2002, the marriage between him and Cinzia only came after two years and that marriage seems to be some kind of recovery for Hart as he did not take it seriously. It just ended for an irrelevant reason. It kind of baffled fans as the reason for their divorce was superficial and could have been saved by properly discussing matters between the two. .They just couldn’t agree on the best place to live, as Cinzia prefers to stay in Italy while Bret has other plans. After neglecting marital affairs, the two decided to divorce in 2004. In Bret Hart’s autobiography, published as a book entitled Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling, he stated that he valued every woman who “walked by.” Time with “and described his antics as love addiction. Cinzia may not have stayed alone with Hart a night since they were married, but she was one of Bret’s obsessions she was getting out of.

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