What Are The Advantages Of Having A Career In Performing Arts?

bachelor of performing arts

What do you mean by Performing arts?

The performing art such as music, dance, and drama is performed before an audience. It is an innovative art form that offers a platform to artists to showcase their emotions and creative thoughts using their bodies, voices, talents, and sometimes some other object. Art such as music, dance, theatre, etc. is a part of Performing arts. Performers usually include singers, dancers, actors, comedians, etc.

Skills required:

  • Confidence
  • Disciplined life
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Time management skills along with organizational capabilities
  • Courage to experiment with different ideas along with the ability to move beyond boundaries
  • Communication & interpersonal skills
  • Research skills
  • Ability to listen and learn from criticism 
  • Passionate about your craft
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Benefits of having a career in Performing arts:

Some of the advantages are as follows:

A medium for self-expression: Performing arts inspires a person to discover their feelings, their voice, their imagination. Disciplines like music, dance, and drama, encourage people in expressing themselves along with enhancing self-belief.

Creativity and innovation in collaboration: Creative people connect on a different tangent. These artists come together in a professional setting to create something spectacular, something people will remember them for.  

Diverse opportunities: Performing arts is multi-disciplinary. Varied job opportunities are available for artists in the performing arts. Opportunities can vary from actor, director, music director, choreographer, singer, jingles writer, story writers, dancers, etc. 

Follow Passion: If your profession is what you are passionate about, then you would never work for a single day since you will be getting paid to follow your dreams and you will lead a fulfilling life. 

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 The rush of performing: The adrenalin rush that one experiences in response to the adulations and awe from the audience are incomparable. It continually motivates the artist to perform better every time.    

Flexible timing: Artists do not follow a traditional 9 to 5 work schedule. They work at their pace-experimenting, collaborating, deconstructing as well as constructing and even breaking the rules to come up with a product that is a masterpiece. Working as per your schedule is an important perk in this field. 

Multicultural Exposure: Multicultural as well as international exposure assists in improving your creativity, which in turn will help in your growth both professionally as well as personally. Thus international opportunity is highly beneficial. 

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Bachelor of performing arts

To gain a Bachelor of performing arts, you must register with a college that offers competencies in acting, dance, voice training, theatre, musicals, etc. In addition, the curriculum must have multiple cross-collaboration modules so as to assist the student in gaining a holistic understanding, thus becoming an essential part of the industry-be it theatre or film or TV or OTT or live entertainment. The college must ensure that students must have regular masterclasses with industry veterans from across disciplines like theatre, music, choreography, etc. such that they get relevant exposure and understanding about varied fields. In addition, students must have opportunities to work as interns within the industry so as to get the first-hand feel of the hard work, a passion that goes into being a success in this discipline.