4 Interesting Facts About Crypto


Crypto is still somewhat of a new and innovative currency with a large number of interesting historical facts and figures that make it one of the most exciting monetary developments of our time. This article looks at 4 of the most interesting facts and stats of crypto’s rise and explains why this may be the currency of the future.

Satoshi Nakamoto

If there was ever an interesting fact about cryptocurrency, it is that the founder and developer of Bitcoin, known as Satoshi Nakamoto has never been identified. His identity has always been a point of discussion, and a huge amount of research has been done to find out who he/she/they were, to no avail. This may be the most well-known name in crypto, and was the author of the first white paper that set out the guiding principles of blockchain and crypto. However, and perhaps adding to the allure of Bitcoin was the fact that no one has ever irrevocably identified the person, and the question of who Satoshi Nakamoto isremains.

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Highest highs and lowest lows

It is one of the currencies that has had the biggest ups and downs in the history of money. If you use the professional platform OKX to track the prices of crypto such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Then you will be able to notice that there are indeed sharp rises and drops in value and exchange rate. It is a currency whose value is very strongly linked to perceptions and supply and demand, hence these severe fluctuations.

Who made money

It is this previously mentioned volatility that has made a number of prominent people a lot of money in crypto. The ability to get in at the right time and then hold on just long enough to then sell your crypto of choice at a huge profit has been the prevailing and most interesting investment trend of our time. Celebrities have been the most interesting segment of society to have been bitten by the bitcoin bug. Most notably and openly, Elon Musk has apparently made a small fortune on Bitcoin. He’s so into crypto that Tesla now accepts Bitcoin for purchases of some of the best electric vehicles in the world. 

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There are over 17000 cryptos

We may only hear about the top cryptos at any one time, but quite interestingly, there are over 17500 cryptos at the last count. They’re all available on different exchanges; some have their own wallets or are only used in certain metaverse environments. Cryptos are relatively easy to make, and the underlying blockchain software is open-source and public. It is thus a form of money that is expected to develop further, and you should expect to see new and exciting cryptocurrency offerings coming to market on a regular basis.

These are some of the most interesting crypto facts worth knowing. It’s a currency and way of financial transaction that has taken the internet by storm. Having some idea as to the more interesting aspects of crypto is a great angle to take as a way to get involved.

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