Some Historical Moments of China with Cryptocurrencies!


While discussing the capitals of digital currencies and mining business, a discussion without mentioning China is incomplete. The leadership of this nation faced many challenges to acknowledge few robust methods to govern digital currency, inclining popularity. 

Earlier, China saw digital coins as an alternative to fiat currencies, and the nation was utterly concerned about whether digital coins decline the international value of fiat currencies. You need to check here to grow business with Bitcoin . As of now, China has imposed a straight ban on digital coins. So here is a brief overview of China’s corundum with cryptocurrencies. 

Key Takeaways!

  • In the list of countries adopting digital currency models and blockchain technical aspects, China appears at number one. 
  • Meanwhile, other countries were classifying BTC as a scam, and China hosted the major cryptocurrency exchange just after one year of BTC’s release. 
  • When BTC acquired popularity as a store of value and not a medium of exchange, China became the first one to do so. 
  • China never stopped banning cryptocurrency projects like privacy-focused digital currencies. But from banning specific initial coin offerings to banning entire cryptocurrency operations. 
  • The framework of China’s constant national currency is similar to any other standard digital currency, and its spot value is tied with the fiat currency of china. China’s national currency is similar to any other Stablecoin and is named Yuan. \
  • You might think how the dynamics of any possible Stablecoin are similar as of Yuan. In Stablecoin, the framework’s creator keeps a stable asset to collateralize the spot value. For example, Tether is a fiat currency collateralized type of Stablecoin, and it confers the price trail of one USD. Another Stablecoin is correspondingly collateralized with precious metals like gold and silver.        
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China’s relationship with digital currencies before any definite ban!

The digital coin BTC did not acquire popularity until listed on a trading venue. And, the instance people came to know that BTC comprises a similar spot value in the international market just like a conventional banknote, it skyrocketed in few merely years. The digital currencies acquired both market value and attention in no time. The early adopters noticed some massive returns, and they are responsible for the vast popularity of these digital coins. 

As discussed above, in the list of countries to facilitate cryptocurrency use cases, China appears in the first position. Besides promoting the use case of digital currencies, few traditional financial organizations of china started to use blockchain. The ultimate evidence of China being an early adopter of cryptocurrency technology is establishing the first dedicated digital currency exchange in the country. 

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China’s Search Engine!

Many countries limited the use case of digital coins to make money as a store of value, but China became the first to use cryptocurrencies to their full potential. In 2013, one of this nation’s famous search engine companies allowed BTC transactions. 

In 2013, the foremost ASIC manufacturer also entered the game, and this company was also based in China. Later, China hosted numerous magnificent mining plants; the size of mining plants in China used to be massive, but now, with China banning digital currency mining, these mining plants are not allowed to work in the nation anymore. 

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Texas is currently setting up the giant mining plant in this world. This mining plant will contribute a massive amount of hash rate on the blockchain network of different cryptocurrencies. 

Bitmain, the China based company, one of the oldest ASIC manufacturers, is still the leading ASIC developer and Manufacturer. Antman ASIC manufacturers follow Bitmain as the company has proved its worth by releasing some cost-efficient ASICs. 

China’s relationship with cryptocurrencies in 2019-2021!

In the golden period of cryptocurrencies, China was hosting the most significant amount of bitcoin mining plants. In short, the nation was responsible for contributing a 60% hash rate on the blockchain of the BTC network. But the state conical of china announcing digital currency crackdown diminished this country’s contribution to bitcoin mining. 

The ban seems to positively impact the mining industry as people can get more profits with a considerable decrease in hash rate. These are some facts regarding China and cryptocurrency relations. The forthcoming years of digital currencies in this country are not definite; who knows, China might reserve the ban this year.

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