10 Ways Parents Can Encourage Kids to Read


Kids get easily distracted and can prefer playing with other kids or their toys rather than reading stories or textbooks. Parents, therefore, get a hard time trying to get their kids to read. However, reading proves instrumental not only to kids while in school, but later on in life while pursuing their careers. Additionally, reading can also offer kids diverse benefits when it comes to the information they canvass. So, in what ways can parents inspire kids to read? Here are some tips, crafted by Domyhomework123 professionals.

Tips Parents Can Use to Motivate Kids to Read

  • Reading will develop your child’s oral language. Give your child stories to read based on the kid’s skill level regarding the language. You can also break your echo chamber and read the story and ask them to identify the story portions that captivated them the most. It will encourage kids to continue reading or have the book read to them, as they will want to continue with the fun of identifying words.
  • Read multiple stories daily. Reading can only become part and parcel of a kid’s life when their life gets surrounded by reading materials. Such an arrangement will allow your kid to get introduced to fresh concepts, phonemic awareness, and information, among others as they interact with each story.
  • Surround the kid with useful reading materials. Kids with a lot of reading resources at home tend to do better in school and standardized tests. It means that you can provoke or encourage your child to read by ensuring the materials get availed to them at home.
  • Inspire diversity in reading activities. You have to ensure reading becomes an integral part when it comes to your kid’s life. So make them to name films, read menus, game guides, roadside signs, and weather reports, among others.
  • ●       Boost your self-esteem by using technology. In the current contemporary world, tech constantly changes, and it can positively influence kids and their reading habits. You can add technology such as tablet e-readers for students, which can ultimately improve their reading skills.
  • Let kids use the e-readers. E-readers prove easily adaptable to every individual’s needs, and as such, students can adjust the settings to suit their needs and improve their performance.
  • Allow the kid to pick what they want to read. It mostly proves easy to read for pleasure, and as such, your child will find it simpler to horn their reading through such materials. So allow your child to pick a book that interests them, and this will ensure that they develop a life-long habit of reading.
  • Assist your kids to pick an age-appropriate book, especially on subjects that can prove exciting in sparking a desire for reading. It could help you took your kid to the public library or show them things like e-readers to offer them a whole library.
  • Use creative apps and gadgets. You can use your tablet or smartphone to install crucial apps that can allow kids to surf the internet in a safe space.
  • Demonstrate your interest in whatever your kid reads.


If you want your child to improve on their reading skills, then consider the above guidelines to realize success