10 Things to Consider When Visiting Naples


Italy is one of the dreamiest European destinations out there. Their delicious wine country, incredible pasta and pizza and centuries worth of history.

It can be hard to nail down just one spot in Italy that you want to visit. And luckily, the extensive train systemin Italy allows you to hop on and off all the best cities the country offers,

So when debating what the best city in Italy is, many claim Naples has it all.

While some steer clear due to its mafia connections, this city is certainly worth putting on the itinerary—even if just for a quick stopover.

For the last decade (and pre-pandemic) the city of Naples has seen a continuous rise in visitors flocking to its cobblestone streets. This is largely due to numerous best-selling books that feature Naples in the most fairytale way, as well as television shows that are based within the old-world city.

The city of Naples and the entire coastline offers a magical escape that will have you falling in love with travel all over again. But it is also important to remember that Naples is an authentic city. It’s raw. It’s real. And you need to be prepared for all the adventures that may come your way.

So if you are planning on visiting Napes, consider these 10 important things so you can show up prepared and make the most of your time in one of Italy’s most fascinating cities.

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1. Store Your Bags

There are two reasons why you would want to ditch your bags in Naples. First, the cobblestone streets, uneven sidewalks and tight pathways can make it challenging to explore the city with suitcases in hand. In fact, it can make your exploration very limiting. That is why it is best to book luggage storage in Naples online and in advance. With convenient locations all around the city, you can easily book a spot ahead of time, drop your bags upon arrival and explore the city hands-free.

Second, pickpocketing does happen. And tourists are a prime target for this—anywhere in Europe. So make sure to blend into the crowds and not stick out by losing your luggage when not absolutely necessary. Nothing screams tourist like a suitcase!

2. It is a Safe City

Despite what some people may say Naples is just as safe as any other big city. While there is a fair bit of graffiti and the streets may not be the cleanest, this does not mean that you are in any danger exploring the streets of Naples. In fact, the most dangerous part of the city is actually the motorists and somewhat crazy drivers. But if you have your wits about you, you’ll be fine.

3. Be Alert While Walking

You will not want to be texting and walking through the streets of Naples. This is because there is often not a clear separation between road and footpath. And the drivers in this city often go really fast through windy roads that have lots of blind spots. So when walking by foot, be aware of where you are going and any oncoming traffic. But do not stress, as the locals are very used to navigating their way around the tourists.

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4. The Food is Next Level

Come with a big appetite because the food in Naples is out of this world delicious. In fact, the food scene here is often one of the biggest drawcards. On every street corner, you will be delighted by the freshly made pasta, oven-roasted pizza and affordability of it all. You can eat your heart out even on the slightest of budgets and live out your Italian foodie dreams. But if you have gluten intolerances, this foodie scene may not be for you.

5. City Tours are Worth it Here

Often you may find yourself debating as to whether or not city tours are worth the time and money. But in the case of Naples, the tours are basically like a walking history class. You will learn all about the history of the city and discover places you never would have been able to find on your own.

6. The Locals are Friendly

Even if you are not fluent in Italian, the people of Naples are hands down some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They will likely welcome you into their own home and insist you enjoy a meal with their own family. Do not be surprised if you have found your home away from home while in Naples.

7. Try Out Your Italian

While you do not need to be fluent to get by in Naples, it is worth it to try your best to speak Italian whenever you can. Not everyone in this city speaks English, so they will appreciate the effort of you trying to communicate in their own language. But again, these people are really nice and will not judge you if you are not fluent.

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8. Bring Your Walking Shoes

A trip to Naples means you will be doing lots of walking on foot. And with the old cobblestone roads winding through the majority of the city, you will want to make sure they are really comfortable. However, do not just wear your white sneakers and expect to get away with it. Italians appreciate good fashion so try a shoe that is both fashionable and comfortable.

9. Prepare for a Great Coffee Scene

Italians love their coffee. So do not expect to spend time at chains like Starbucks. Instead, you will be fighting with lots of other locals at the espresso bar to get your piccolo in the morning. They do their coffees small and believe that milk is not necessary.

10. Make Time for Day Trips

You will want to make sure you give yourself enough time to travel around the outskirts of Naples too. Because it is more affordable than other Italian cities, you can splash out and check out the Almalfi Coast while there too. It is only an hour away and completely worth it.


With so many places to go within Naples and so much excitement to look forward to, do not let the naysayers prevent you from checking out this cool Italian city.