Doughboyz Cashout Lyrics – What Is Back Shots


[Chef Tony:]

Let’s throw back shots
While you throw backshots
(Don’t run)
Doughboyz Chef Tony,
I can make ya back roc
Come on!

I be on some getting money, go home, and chill shit
But I’m feeling good and need a drink on some real shit
Went to the club, met with Maine and Scootch
Came to chill but I still got the 9 in the coupe
Seen this bad little bitch at the bar with her clique
They all laughin and smilin, jokin and shit
I gave a look, she look back
Damn ole girl strapped
Short dress and red bottoms, and her ass so fat
I bought em all some drinks
She told them bitches to scram
She like you Mr. Dog Hoes? Oh you know who I am?
A couple shots later, she feelin all on my dick,
Next thing we know, we on the lodge flyin in the whip (flyin)
Pulled up to the condo, we laughin and shit
Turned on the surround sound on
Then baby girl stripped (Yeah)
She laid on her back,
I’m like what with all that ass you got? (What?)
Bend yo ass over it’s only right you get a backshot (Yep)

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Boutta throwback shots and give a ho a backshot [x8]

Bout to throw back shots and give a ho a backshot (Uhh)
Pull out my kodak, snap a shot for my nigga Roc (Free Roc)
Get on top, fuck that, turn around and toot it up (Toot it up!)
She a tight bitch but off Goose I swear she loose as fuck (Loose)
Rubbin on my nuts, while I’m poundin goin threw them guts (Pow)
Got her going crazy; I’m hittin it hard like a zoota put
She said that I’m rude as fuck
Cause I banged her lights out
The switch was off in the room but your boy was iced out
I hit her from the back and make her scream 7 deuce (Yae Yae)
I cut into them hoes ya’ll puttin the pussy on a pedestal (Ha ha)
It’s medical I need it
A nigga got a beat it
Feelin so wet, but I’ll be damned if I go down and eat it
She said her nigga cheatin
She call me in the evening
Her nigga workin so I’m working on that ass believe it (Let’s go to work)
She leakin and she skeetin
Don’t get none on the sheets
No hugs, no kisses, you ain’t nothin but another freak

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[Doughboy Dre:]
Ya’ll know what it is
Doughboy Dre

Backshots, best shots, long strokin all night (Yeah)
Fat little ass plus the pussy be tight (Type)
Sassy lil bitch type of girl I like (My type)
You can be my wife girl only tonight (One night)
In the AM I gotta get to this bread (Let’s go)
Before a nigga leave I need some breakfast in bed (I need it)
Money on my mind while I’m thinkin bout head (Damn)
I’m trippin let me get up time to get to this bread (Let’s go)
Money ain’t shit I spent they life last year (It ain’t shit)
It ain’t shit to a boss I’ll triple that this year (Watch me)
These haters in my rear but I fly right past, (Fuck ya’ll)
Talkin nonsense they ain’t gettin no cash (Naw)
Smack her on her ass, she told me Dre it’s real
You ain’t gotta tell me girl cause I know how it feel (I know)
I’m a real nigga I need a down ass bitch (Down ass bitch)
She tellin all her friends I got some good ass dick

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[Crispy Quis:]
I’m just a young handsome nigga that be rockin furs and shit
Don’t fuck with any bitch
Cause any bitch don’t deserve my dick
If she squirt on this Gucci shirt so let’s get naked
I’m high (Let’s get it girl!) and I’m wasted ain’t no time to be wastin
I’m changing my name, tonight call me freaky Quis
If you pussy ain’t squeaky clean then I’m leaving immediately (I’m Out!)
It feel good being me (yeah)
I swear I’m so bossy
She told me nut on her face,
Ooh this bitch is so naughty
My diamonds so glossy, this girl is so bad (bad)
Her nigga keep callin (callin), he gone beat her ass
It’s about to go down, turn around let me ram
Her pussy so wet, I’m about to go ham (Kets get it)
I got a reputation all these hoes know who I am (Crispy)
Can’t have you sayin to yo friends my dick wouldn; t good
I’ll be damned (Can’t have that)
I be talkin shit while I’m in it
Pull yo hair while I’m hittin it (Okay)
I’m the backshot God this is greatness you witnessin


Backshots Lyrics

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