Top 8 Hacks for Your Android Smartphone

android smartphones


Sometimes Android phones are even better than iPhones. They are much cheaper and let you do everything. You can watch movies, play games, place bets on 22 Bet with a gadget that costs under $300. What’s more, you can increase your phone’s usability with these tips. 

Tips to increase phone’s usability

App Shortcuts

Many people know that if you hold your finger on many app icons on Android, a menu with app options appears. But not everyone knows that you can make handy links out of this. Just drag and drop the open menu item into an empty space and get a handy icon.

The Magic of the Keyboard

When you’re typing, you can highlight a word and press the Shift button on the Google Keyboard. In this case, the first letter of the text will become large, but if you press 2 times, this text will become written in caps lock.

Don’t Turn Off the Screen While Charging

Normally, smartphones turn off the screen themselves when they are idle to conserve battery power. But in some cases, you don’t need this feature. For example, if you want to use your old smartphone as a desk clock or in a car as a navigation device.

Turn on the “Don’t turn off screen” option in Developer Mode so that your smartphone stays active as long as it’s connected to the charger.

On-screen Menu

A lot of features are originally designed for people with disabilities, but are in fact useful, to everyone. For example, there is a special features menu here. It’s essentially an extra on-screen menu.

When you open it, you’ll see a person in the corner of the screen. What can you do with it? There are several buttons here and the most useful of them is to take a screenshot.

Find Your Documents 

Many people know about the Google Photos app. There is a search by object in photos, but not everyone knows how you can practically use it.

When you need to send someone a document photo, just start searching for it. The app will give you photos of all the documents in memory. You can send them quickly.

Remove Unnecessary Notifications

Many people get a bunch of useless notifications on Android smartphones. But you can do more than just turn off all the notifications of a particular app. You can do it in a variety of ways.

This is called a notification channel. For example, on Facebook, friend requests, birthdays, new posts, comments, and so on: Jane updated her feed, look, Tom uploaded a new photo. Who are they? Do you need these notifications?

You can remove notifications in the app settings and in the notifications section. The algorithm is easy. You see that you have received something strange? Go to the settings and remove it.

By the way, in addition to convenience, this will save your battery a little because smartphones are less likely to request these notifications from the server.

Quickly Type in a Domain Zone

To avoid having typing domain zones every time, just hold your finger on the button next to the space. It appears while entering the site address. With a long press, you will see a pop-up window where you can choose the option you want: org, com, uk, etc.

Rocking Chrome

Mobile browsers are pretty awful. They don’t have lots of features and are not pleasing for the eye. At most, they’re suitable only for reading a short article. But the Chrome browser can be pimped.

Type chrome://flags in the address bar. This is a hidden section with a huge number of experimental features. You’re interested in Chrome Duet here. Click on Enable and reload the browser.

You’ll end up with a new menu at the bottom of the screen. You can swipe there and switch tabs. It’s insanely convenient. Through it, you can type a new query into the address bar or search and then you can share the link.

That’s not all you can do to improve the browser. For example, look for Reader Mode. Turn it on. This thing is similar to Reader Mode in the Safari browser. Now you get a simplified view button. So you can read articles without unnecessary ads and banners.