Russ Millions Lyrics – They Tryna Be Cray


Top shottas are back
Crud! Mad!

Five-five bands for the wap, did I mention (Bullet)
G17 for my protection (Bullet)
Real skeng man, Russ got a selection (Bullet)
Put a whole 20 bags in my pendant (Big racks)
I get money, don’t mean to offend them (Soz)
Diamonds dancing, too much attention (Buss down)
Any weak friendships, just end them (End)
If I get a drop on the opp, try kweng them (Merk them)
If I get a drop then your block get shake up (Bullet)
Bae looks good when she wears no make-up (Sexy)
All her friends say I’m a heartbreaker
But they get bent over by a failure (Chatting)
Drink Henny with a Redbull tracer
Opp packs loud, that’s my favourite flavour (Dem man)
Secondary school had my shank in blazer
Unruly Russ, got no behaviour

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Ay, unruly like Poppy
Feds wan’ stop me, so I gotta do my job properly (Clean)
I’m in love with dotty, you’re pissed like potty
If I come, man swing that shotty (Boom)
Peng ting from Totty, of course she’s a hottie
And she wanna ride like Bonnie (Mhm)
Go cray like Broly, I war anybody
So don’t get packed like donny (Don’t do it)
I can tell you about 8 and the B Side yutes
More than 3 been put in zoots
I’m Buni, mind who you’re talking to
Gun shot ting, no stick and move
Mhm, hold pepper like soup pot
Ying that down, one litre of juice
Most hated in blue, move, piss me off and I boot (Boot it)

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Wicked and bad like the opp gyal Taylor (Bad gyal)
Can’t beef Russ if you got no paper (Broke bwoy)
Rise that wap, tryna hit mans dome (Bullet)
If I get your address then you can’t go home (No way)
Leave it alone, your girlfriend sexy she might get bone (Tek it)
High down, got the packs from drones (Packs)
Nuff phone sex on my Samsung phone (Bashings)
Got a big batty girl from Deptford
And red shells for the dots in Bedford (Bullet)
David Beckham, Russ done kick off your head, no weapon
Coulda got locked, but I’m way too clever (Mhm)
All eyes on my when I enter (What’s that?)
Can’t task that gyal, she’s renter (Eugh)
Man get drilly like broski Kenka (Bullet)

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Ay, bad-badman ting, wicked and bad (Bad)
Who’s that yute, get smoked like fag (Smoke him)
Skeng man ting when I rise and tan
Don’t put yourself in a spliff like [?] (Don’t do it)
It get long when I wave my hand
Fuck mans sis like Dan did Stam (Mhm)
Dot dot kick, leave your torso cramp
Spin that block tryna get my man (Spin that)
Lock my arm, everyting get shelly
Head, neck, back and belly
I’m ready for war and my aim be steady
Might get your face on telly (Don’t do it)
I might just get a chesty or necky
Swing my arm to recky (Swing swing)
Tinest temper please don’t vex me
Test me, leave the whole road messy (Mad)

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