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Tell Em

I got Yella in the booth with me
Aye major, I don’t want no autotune (no no no no)
Fuck all that shit (fuck it!)
This how they want me to come (this what they want me to do?)
2 blickas in the booth (turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up )

He-he-he-he wanna play with some grown men
He just gon get his self hurt (pussy)
Why he wanna play around with some killas?
He just gon get himself murked (kill em)
Niggas be talkin ’bout killas, but how is they killas
If niggas ain’t puttin in that work? (pussy)
Bitch, I really be with killas
And them killas will pull up and put you on a shirt (gang, gang)
He just gon’ end up like Steve (damn)
Not able to breathe (shit)
Pussy niggas say they want me R.I.P (pussy)
That shit not hard to believe (pussy)
I would believe everything you just said (huh?)
Pull up on em with that infrared (huh?)
Shoot his ass in his head
Glaow! Glaow! Now he dead
Put his ass right to bed (whoo)
Lean trip, lean sip, I’m off the (shit)
You can run up on me if you want (damn)
Fuck around, off him (bam!)
Pussy nigga better um, better proceed with some caution (um, pussy)
Bitch, I only hang with bosses (boss)
Get the money and these bitches can’t get shit from me (money!)
That’s what they talkin’
Hol’ on, wait

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Let me hit this fat ass dutch (They got me back on that fuck shit?)
Ha, ha, then imma hit this big ass cup
Matter of fact, Major, that’s what imma name this shit
Imma name this shit, “Tell Em”
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Turn up, turn up, turn up! (Tell em x8, whoo!)

You-you-you-you brought the muthafuckin’ beast out (beast)
I’m finna muthafuckin’ eat now (eat)
Finna take over the streets now (streets)
I’m bout’ to give em the heat now (heat)
I’m bout’ to give em the pressure (pressure)
Flow done got a little better (better)
I done got a little clever (clever)
I’m bout to give em the hottest shit like I got on Chaz sweaters, hwoo! (damn)
I fucked a bitch and take her soul
Call me Shang Tsung
Bitch! You can get left just like Capo
You can die with all of your chains on (shit)
Bitch, I be smoking on Nuski (Nuski)
I do not smoke on the Tooka (never)
You can get hit with this ruger (bow!)
Shout out to all of my shootas
A shoota named Ramen, he like to mix sauce off some noodles, hwoo!
They got me mad, I’m on they ass (mad, I’m on they ass)
Niggas say Tooka, I’m back on that “Fuck the opps” shit
Lets see who gets the last laugh (Fuck the opps!)
Ok, I need to chill
Shit with me finna get real (real)
I’m finna walk up with steels
Lot of hospital bills, hwoo!
Thirsty bitches, they be stalking (Where you come up with that shit?)
Get these thirsty bitches off me (bitch!)
Bitch, I’m cooling off the Baldy (cooling)
Give me four hours, then call me, hwoo! (I play too much)
People get real disrespectful (goofy)
They only will if you let em (will)
Any problem will get handled
If he run, bullets catch him, hwoo! (Where he thought he was going?)
Don’t make these bitches feel special (bitch!)
Cuz that what she think when she got you (bitch!)
But yo ass is a goofy (goofy)
She knew that when she first met you, hwoo! (goofy ass)
All you pussy ass rappers, yes I’m out to get you (pussy rapper)
I got you pussies on the menu (pussy)
But this shit here to be continued

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I would keep going, but I don’t
I ain’t gon say shit else
That how we gon end that

Tell Em Lyrics

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