South Park Mexican Lyrics – SPM Daughter

The Day Of Unity

[SPM:] Tryna stop the rise but the mexican lives

[SPM:] Carley… I want you to stay strong mamacita….. Listen to your mom ok?…. Dont worry daddy’s
gonna be home soon

[SPM:] Thinking bout my baby girl, Thinking bout my baby girl [Echoes]

[SPM Verse one:]
Thinking bout my baby girl
Growing up by herself in this shady world
She got a good mom and I hope that
Everything will be fine ’til I’m home black
Up in this prison cant do much
With my homies and is my turn to cook lunch
Listen my children I cant believe
what this muthafuckas doing to my family
But I stay strong and I keep my faith
even though I’m thuggin ’til I see my grave
Momma dont worry about your youngest son
You should know that I never was the lucky one
sadness was all that I was delt right?
Happiness never knew what it felt like
But I know I cant be held back
Like they did me in the 6th grade memba that? [Laughs]

[Carolyn (Hook):]
Today they love what they see our people killin one another
[SPM (In the background):]
8 Bar hooks… But I’m just gonna do 4 know what I’m saying cuz I gotta to do this)

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[Carolyn continue hook:]
They fear the day of unity the day our people come together

[SPM Verse Two:]
I know the primege should never have a favorite child
But my Carley just so crazy and wild
My only daughter she’s daddy’s girl
And for her I’ll buy the whole Astro world
But she dont want money she just wants me there
To watch her play piano or brush her hair
And I know theres a million kids
That feel the same pain that my children’s in
45 Years cuz they hate a G
To brake loose from this modern day slavery
They wanna sent the cage making minumum wage
Thats how this muthafuckin system was made
I lift weights I play handball
I write carley I write my grandma
I’m writting a movie and I’m sending a copy
To Edward James Olmos this hoes cant stop me

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[Hook 1x]

[SPM Verse Three:]
You got Tango and you got Famas
You got vatos that cry for they mommas
You got soldados that handle they bizz
You got people that cant recognize they kids
You got homiez coming in on the straight 5
Put some work in now he gotta face life
Thats 40 years before he on parole
Is all in the sopa he aint coming home
This is the belly of the beast the semen jungle
The drunk driver that kill my homiez niece and uncle
Just walks right by me should I straight floor em
Naw homie instead im gonna pray for em
In 7 weeks when this album hits the streets
They’ll be pist at me cuz I made history
I speak from the place they stuck my race
But revenge is the sweetest muthafucking taste

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[Hook 2x]

The Day Of Unity Lyrics

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