Similar to Social Mapper and Its Features

Social Mapper

Social Mapper

Social Mapper is a free, open-source OSINT tool to correlate social media accounts with particular individuals. It lets users quickly and accurately map relationships between individuals and their social media accounts. The tool takes in a list of names and locations and then scans various popular social media sites for matches. It can also scan photos from websites like Facebook or LinkedIn to help identify potential matches. 

Additionally, Social Mapper allows users to search through data sources such as emails and phone numbers for further accuracy. Once the results are collected, the user can export all the data into an HTML report that can be shared or printed out for further analysis. Furthermore, Social Mapper enables users to save their work so they can come back at any time and continue searching without having to start all over again. Finally, it supports multiple languages, allowing worldwide access to its features regardless of language barriers.

 Social Mapper features

  • Data Collection
  • Analysis Tools
  • Visualization Options
  • Reporting Capabilities

Social Mapper Alternatives

Google Lens

Google Lens

Google Lens is a visual search engine powered by artificial intelligence developed by Google and released in 2017. It is mainly used for image and object recognition, but it can also be used for text translation, shopping assistance, and more. With Google Lens, users can take pictures of objects or text to find relevant information about them. For example, they can snap a picture of a product they are interested in and get its price range or reviews from various vendors. 

Additionally, if the user takes a picture of an animal or plant, then Google Lens will provide its name and other characteristics. Furthermore, it can translate texts written in different languages into the user’s desired language with great accuracy. It also allows users to connect to Wi-Fi networks simply by taking a picture of their password information or QR code. Thanks to these features provided by Google Lens, finding information has become much easier than before.

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Google Lens features

  • Benefits: Image recognition
  • Uses in Business: Product identification
  • In Education: Resource analysis
  • In Healthcare: Diagnostic tools
  • Creative Applications: Art, fashion, music
  • Privacy Concerns: Data collection



ImgOps is an image search engine and reverses image search tool that helps users quickly find accurate information about any photo. The platform analyzes the photo’s content, metadata, and other parameters to produce a detailed report for the user. 

In addition to its basic reverse image search capabilities, ImgOps also provides access to advanced features such as face recognition and facial recognition databases, skin tone analysis, background removal tools, multi-lingual support (including Spanish), integration with other popular third-party services like Dropbox and Google Drive, and more. Combined features make ImgOps incredibly powerful for helping users identify people in photos or retrieve related images based on their queries. 

Furthermore, it can be used to detect potential copyright infringements or inappropriate content as it has algorithms tailored explicitly towards these purposes. ImgOps is an invaluable resource when trying to gain more insight into photos found online or stored locally on one’s computer system.

ImgOps features

  • Image Crop and Resize
  • Effects and Filters
  • Watermarking
  • Sharing Options
  • Metadata Editing
  • Automation Tools
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Trace moe is an online tool that can quickly search through millions of anime-related images, screenshots, and GIFs. It is a powerful reverse image search engine that allows users to find where an image or GIF originated based on the source material. Using advanced computer vision techniques, it can detect subtle shapes and colors in images, making it more accurate than traditional reverse image searches. also offers users various customization options such as filters, color palettes, and more to refine their searches. 

Moreover, has a unique feature of showing similar-looking images even when there are slight variations between the original image and its copies used across different websites or social media platforms. Thus with this remarkable ability, users can easily locate exact source material even when the source has been reuploaded from many other locations over time. Additionally, also ensures that all data uploaded by its users is securely stored and protected by employing encryption technology and rigorous security measures to protect user privacy at all times while providing them with easy access to anime-related content worldwide! features

  • Image Search Functionality
  • Advanced Search Options
  • User Interface & Navigation
  • Limitations & Criticisms
  • Popularity & Impact



SauceNAO is a search engine that gives users access to many images, videos, and other online content. It allows for reverse image searching, which allows users to upload an image or paste the URL of an image to find out where else it appears on the internet. SauceNAO provides a detailed analysis of each result, such as file size, dimensions, and more. 

Furthermore, it can also recognize artwork from popular anime, manga, and video games. This makes it incredibly useful for finding fan art and other related content from these media sources. SauceNAO offers advanced options such as resolution filtering and similarity thresholding, which are great for narrowing down search results even further. All these features make SauceNAO an invaluable tool for people looking to track down images or videos quickly and accurately on the web.

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SauceNAO Features

  • Image Search Features
  • Sorting Options
  • Supported File Types
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Security and Privacy Features



TinEye is an online image search engine that allows users to search for digital images or photos on the internet. It uses image recognition technology to find similar images from around the world. It can track down copyright infringements, verify source material, or locate higher-resolution versions of an image. TinEye also supports the ability to reverse-search photographs taken with a mobile device such as a smartphone. 

This feature is called MobileEngine, allowing users to upload their photographs and receive results on matching images found in TinEye’s database. TinEye also offers plugins for popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, making it easier for users to quickly search for images they come across while browsing the web. Additionally, TinEye has features that allow users to set up alerts to keep track of how their own images are being used on the internet without manually checking every website each time.

TinEye features

  • Search Features: Reverse Image, Multicolor
  • Upload Features: Bulk Uploads, Mobile App
  • Organization Features: Collections, Privacy Settings
  • Advanced Features: AI Recognition, Plugins
  • Benefits: Accuracy, Efficie
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