SEO for Lawyers – Right Way to Get More Clients

seo for lawyers

Have you ever invested in law firm SEO services before? Are you currently experiencing issues with your current attorney SEO campaign? If you find yourself struggling to implement SEO for lawyers, speak to experts at dNovo Group about how they can help. In this article, we will go over a step-by-step process to get started with law firm SEO.

Step 1: Keyword Research

What do people type when looking for law firms on Google? Your law firm SEO begins with choosing the right keywords. The keywords you place on your law firm’s website will determine how it ranks on SERPs. 

Keyword research best practices

  1. Go for long-tail keywords. These are keywords that contain three or more words. Short tail keywords that contain one or two words are usually very generic and don’t tell you about the searcher’s intent; hence could drive low-quality traffic.
  2. Choose keywords that have low competition but high search volumes. Tools like Google Keyword Planner will show you search volumes and competition for each keyword or phrase. If you bid for keywords with high competition, you will be competing for top rankings with other law firms that have a higher authority than you. This makes it more difficult for you to rank.
  3. Place the keywords strategically on your web copy, images and video descriptions and avoid overstuffing.
  4. Focus on one main keyword per page and variations of that keyword within the copy. This makes it easier for Google algorithms to crawl the page and understand which information you want to convey to users.
  5. Include keywords that are based on the locations you service. These localized keywords will help improve your website’s local SEO and give you more visibility in the community you serve.
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Reach out to an SEO company to help you select the list of keywords to rank your law firm’s website.

Step 2: Building Quality Backlinks

The next step to improving your law firm website rankings involves building a proper backlink profile. Backlinks, in simple terms, are links that direct people to your website from other sources on the web. You can place your website links on news sites, listing sites and other places that share content similar to what’s on your law firm’s website. Law firm websites with high-quality backlinks have higher chances of gaining top rankings on Google.

Backlinks are important not only because they provide your web users with more information but also because they boost your site’s authority and trust. In fact, search engines consider websites that link to credible sites as a vote of confidence and give them a higher ranking for this. You can earn backlinks through content creation. Just build a relationship with a credible site and share your content with them, then add a link to your site to generate valuable traffic to your law firm.

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Approach an SEO agency to assist in the process of link building. A law firm marketing agency like dNovo Group will build quality backlinks that don’t hurt your rankings in the long term.

Step 3:  Develop and Implement a Content Strategy

Your law firm SEO strategy should incorporate content marketing. A complete content marketing strategy will provide details regarding content creation, publishing, and promotion. If any of these areas are lacking, your content will not be as impactful in promoting your site’s rankings. A law firm SEO company can help you create keyword-rich articles and blogs that are posted on your website regularly. The law firm marketing agency will then ensure that these articles are promoted on relevant platforms like social media to give them more visibility. 

Best practices when creating content for law firms 

  • Create a mix of content, including blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, videos, and eBooks. 
  • Ensure all your law firm content has a clear and measurable goal.
  • Understand your audience and the problems you want to solve for your readers.
  • Focus more on long-form, in-depth content that is keyword optimized.
  • Use Analytics to track the performance of content after it’s published and promoted.
  • Keep your blog consistent and up to date.
  • Create content based on industry topics.
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Great content will keep people on your law firm website for longer. Once web users check out information on your website, they will become familiar with the brand and remember you when it comes time to make a purchase. A law firm SEO expert can provide guidance on how to use content to drive credible traffic to your law firm.

Step 4: Internal Linking

Linking to your own pages is just as important as building a backlink profile. The more internal links you have on a page, the longer you can keep users on your website. Internal linking, when used as a form of legal marketing, can help discover new pages on the website and provide users with new information on certain subject areas.

Step 5: Watch Out for Broken Links

Broken links can really hurt your lawyer SEO efforts. Law firm SEO experts use a variety of tools to keep track of broken links that may interfere with the site’s rankings. In fact, broken links hurt a site’s user experience since when people visit a page with an error message, they are likely to click away.

There are lots of ways to promote your legal services through search engine optimization. The steps above provide a simple guideline to help you start working on your site rankings and traffic. You can reach out to an SEO firm like dNovo Group, which specializes in law firm marketing, to help you get started.