How CBD is Changing Mental Health Treatment for Gay Men?

cbd oil for anxiety

Most Gay men do not talk about their mental health status to anyone because the heritage of being gay before is labeled as “Mental Health Problem”. Although it was being delisted by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder in 1973, the stain wasn’t removed totally.  This tendency leads them to experience anxiety and depression. Gay men are indeed at risk because of social stress such as peer pressure, discrimination, body-shaming, alienation and so on.

The on-going homophobia and stigma all over the world make gay men to just keep their mental ailments in their closet.  These threats are different compared to another issue that gay men need to deal with, and that is HIV. Many studies have shown that 30 to 60% of gay men at some point undergo in severe depression and anxiety because of negative impacts of social norms and pressure. Gay men’s susceptibility to mental health issues makes them become a victim of manipulation and abusive relationship, their mental health correlates them “to the intensive need to belong”.

Gay men’s vulnerability to these problems is worrisome. Homophobic remarks and humiliation appear unexpectedly even in public that might trigger a panic attack and other serious conditions. From their childhood experience up to now. For mental and physical illnesses or medically known as Cannabidiol can be manifested as an alternative treatment. To be clear, CBD doesn’t contain THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol that results in the person experiencing dependency to it. Approximately, CBD has 0.3% of THC or even lesser. The introduction of THC in our body leads us to feel relaxed and lessen the stress. It is not psychoactive like other cannabinoids that you can find in marijuana.

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The work environment is the most common ground to pick up stress. The rampant toxicity of employees and mad bosses results in a mental breakdown and even burn out. Sometimes there are moments where it is impossible to cope up physically and mentally, to the pile of papers and tasks that needs to be done. Fatigue affects all people whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc., it doesn’t just affect you physically, but it also pulls down your performance at work, at home and even in your self-care.

Consistent social stress among gay men makes it hard for them to look for a partner, that results to loneliness and inability to control their mood. CBD won’t just help you stay focused but also re-energizes your brain. Mental health issues have long term effects on a person. This helps you to improve your efficiency even if you are working under multiple tasks. Stress leads you to anger and anger leads you to unconsciously pushing the positivity and optimism in life. Stress doesn’t just interfere with your productivity but also your confidence and opportunities. Anxiety symptoms don’t just occur in mental breakdowns, it can also be seen physically. Anxiety symptoms may include body soreness, pain and stiffness.  CBD is not just to use on anxiety, but it can also lessen the inflammation and pain, or even sleeping. According to Keith’s study, a suitable dosage of CBD can help people have a better sleep.

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CBD treatment is not uncommon in the media, in fact, it was already mentioned in some news sites. Even thousands of years ago, people used herbs to treat their ailments. CBD has no direct effect of abuse or dependence potential. Its property to address anxiety and insomnia helps people who are in suffering find a treatment that’ll be suitable for them. CBD is an active ingredient of cannabis (marijuana) although its part of the component it won’t result in any drug-like effect like being “high”. According to the report of the World Health Organization, “To date, the use of CBD as a treatment shows no evidence that it can cause health related problems”.

To gay men, the battle to obtain happiness has been rolling up until today. Some of them experience abuse at a young age that results to traumatic stress. Gay men’s personal trauma also contributes to their mental health issue. The rising number of gay men who have questioning their selves because of their universal problems, unsurprisingly, some of them have tried to think of killing their selves. Although the result may not reflect to majority of gay men population, the existence of mental health prevalence is distressing. The toxic cycle of bullying lead them to severe mental health issues and to think that there is no hope.

But because of CBD, there is hope, CBD acts as your friend that’ll cheer you up internally. You can check this article to get the coupon CBD for anxiety and mental health. It wakes up your brain and responds to your anxiety. CBD has cannabinoids that bind the two Endocannabinoid System (ECS) receptors, which is the CB1 that is responsible for our mood, coordination and pain while the CB2 is responsible for the immune system and inflammation. Also, CBD influences anandamide, anandamide just like serotonin is a neurotransmitter that has an essential role in mental health. Low serotonin can be associated with depression and anxiety. The Anandamide role in our brain is to help you to lessen pain and improve mood. CBD’s exciting ability to address pain and anxiety is a good sign that there is hope that you can find.

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Gay men’s mental health is as important as anyone’s health, this study is shown to address the people who is most likely to be affected. If you’re anxious, your brain is more likely not coordinated to your body. You can see that you are not motivated to leave your bed or even experience a hard time falling asleep. Poor mental health results in more serious health issues, it can damage your cognitive ability and affect your daily routine.  Antidepressants might be effective on some people and CBD can be frightening if it’s your first time hearing it.  If your therapy nor other supplements has failed to address your problem, the use of CBD might be interesting to know and to try as well. Like other supplements CBD is advised to be taken with proper precautions, it is worthwhile for you to talk to your Physician first before administering CBD.

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