Game-Fi powered by Bitcoin is the new era of Gaming

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Game developers use the GameFi ecosystem to design and develop games, while players can buy NFTs as in-game items. In addition, players can also earn GameFi’s own cryptocurrency by playing. You can go to to trade in bitcoin with the help of advanced AI technology; the platform is suitable for even novice traders. 

When introducing the GameFi ecosystem, it is essential to note that many blockchain games exist. However, players are often drawn back to conventional games because they have little or no economic incentives. 

The GameFi ecosystem wants to change that by designing the ecosystem using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The goal is for players to be rewarded for their efforts within the game environment rather than playing conventional games with little rewards. Another critical difference between GameFi and other play-to-earn blockchain games is how users can get started on the platform.

How does GameFi work?

Before users can play the GameFi ecosystem, it is essential to understand how the platform works. The GameFi ecosystem consists of five key components: Game developers are individuals or businesses that design and develop games on the platform. 

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GameFi Token (GFT): Users will only be able to earn GFT by playing games on the ecosystem; hence, it will serve as an economic incentive for players. 

NFTs: NFT is a unique and distinctive form of digital asset that no one can copy. Since NFTs are fungible, they will function as in-game items or currencies within the ecosystem.

GameFi Wallet: GameFi users can store a small amount of GFT in their wallet to use whenever they want on the platform. 

GameFi Rewards (GFR): GFR is a cryptocurrency that users will use in the ecosystem so players can get paid in-game money. This way, players will be able to receive rewards for playing games with monetary value. Note that GFR and GFT are not tied together; however, the two cryptocurrencies work together inside the ecosystem to create player incentives. GameFi users can dig deeper into the ecosystem’s functionality by looking at how GFR is used.

How does it work? 

The GameFi ecosystem distributes GFR among gaming participants worldwide. In exchange for earning GFR, players must complete missions assigned to them. These missions include anything from signing up as a player or purchasing an NFT to joining and playing certain games on the platform. 

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After completing a mission, players will be rewarded by people in real-time with GFRs. This way, payment models that do not require mediums such as bank cards and PayPal will be accessible to players, who can receive GFR for gaming purposes and other activities. 

In addition, the GameFi ecosystem will enable mobile gaming by supporting blockchain. To support this, it is essential to note that the platform uses a native application with a dedicated mobile device that helps users engage and play games. It helps developers create mobile games connected to the platform and can be played without a computer or a console.

The role of non-fungible tokens

 NFTs are applied to various industries, including gaming and real estate; hence, they have been used in blockchain games for some time. An NFT is a unique and distinguishable form of digital asset that no one can copy. 

 The use of NFTs in games like Crypto Kitties or Cryptons that players can buy or sell has been a popular topic for blockchain developers to discuss over the years. Since GameFi wants to create a virtual gaming environment, it has needed the use of NFTs to enforce economic transactions between players and developers within the ecosystem. In addition, these transactions help create social interaction among players.

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The role of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency, including GFT, is part of GameFi’s core functionality. It is the only way to pay for any other aspects of the ecosystem, including in-game purchases and GFR. Even though traditional games are available on the GameFi ecosystem, cryptocurrencies will be used as an internal currency so participants can get paid in digital money. 

Cryptocurrency is often referred to as digital currencies managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively. It is also why GameFi plans on integrating blockchain into its platform. It will rely on Ethereum’s open-source blockchain network because the Ethereum network provides an opportunity for developers to create smart contracts and create their applications without reinventing the wheel.

Token Ownership in Game-Fi?

Unlike the widespread practice of ERC-20 tokens in other blockchain platforms, the GameFi ecosystem will follow its token model. It is because the ecosystem plans to introduce its own token application that people will use for transactions within the gaming community. In addition, the system will support all of GFT’s gaming features on GameFi; hence, players can earn GFT by playing games or doing anything else within the platform.