EagleEye And Their Alternatives



EagleEye is a facial recognition tool that utilizes deep learning algorithms to identify and track individuals. It can detect faces, recognize them, and store their information in its database. The software uses advanced pattern recognition to identify features such as age, gender, ethnicity, emotion, and more. EagleEye’s analytics platform can quickly analyze large datasets in real-time to produce insights into customer behavior and trends. 

EagleEye also offers business tools, such as access control management, identity verification systems, and fraud detection services. Its API allows businesses to easily integrate the technology with existing applications or create new ones from scratch. With its powerful facial recognition capabilities, EagleEye provides an efficient way for companies to protect their customers’ data while ensuring that it is used responsibly and ethically.

EagleEye Features

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Automated Alerts
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Integrations & API

EagleEye Alternatives



Are you looking for the latest facial recognition technology? Searching for a tool to help you identify people or photos? Look no further than PimEyes, the revolutionary facial recognition search engine. Developed by a team of experienced professionals with expertise in artificial intelligence, PimEyes can quickly identify and match unknown faces with existing photos on the web. With an intuitive interface and powerful search capabilities, this revolutionary software will revolutionize how people find information about people online.

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PimEyes features

  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Privacy & Security
  • User Experience
  • Pricing & Plans



Berify is an image recognition tool with a wide range of features. It allows users to perform reverse image searches, which can be used to find images from websites and social media platforms. The tool also provides facial recognition technology to help identify people in images and videos. Additionally, Berify can detect deepfake images and videos, allowing users to verify whether the content is quick. 

Furthermore, Berify includes a feature known as CopyScape which instantly tells users if an image has been copied from another source without permission. Finally, the platform offers a copyright infringement tracking system to help protect against the unauthorized use of copyrighted material online. With these powerful tools, Berify provides users with an effective way to verify the authenticity of digital images and videos.

Berify Features

1: Reverse Image Search

2: Logo Detection

3: Keyword Search

4: Bulk Searches

5: API Access



Yandex is a Russian search engine providing services such as web search, image search, and video search. Its features include:

  • An integrated web browser.
  • Voice recognition.
  • AI-powered algorithms that allow it to provide personalized results.

It also offers a wide range of services, such as email, music streaming, online payments, and more. The company recently added facial recognition technology to its system, allowing users to identify people in photos or videos. 

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Yandex uses sophisticated algorithms to categorize images based on their content so that users can quickly find the ones they are looking for. It also provides advanced tools for image editing and analysis. 

For example, its AI-based deep learning technologies can analyze the characteristics of an image to determine the type of object it contains, allowing for better identification and indexing of images. Along with these features, Yandex also offers a variety of multimedia options like video sharing platforms and photo galleries, which can be used by both individuals and businesses alike.

Yandex features

  • Search: Powerful Engine
  • Maps: Detailed Information
  • Translation: Instant Results
  • Music and Video: Streaming Services
  • Other Features: Customizable Interface



FindClone is a facial recognition software that allows users to identify and track people in photographs. It uses advanced algorithms to detect and compare faces, allowing users to quickly find identical or similar images of a person on the internet. The software can be used for various purposes, such as locating missing persons, finding celebrities, verifying identity information, or tracking criminals. 

With FindClone, users can easily find publicly available images from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. The software also provides facial recognition features such as age estimation, gender identification, and face recognition for enhanced accuracy. Furthermore, it offers an optional subscription plan that includes additional features such as unlimited monthly searches and access to premium databases with over 400 million photos for more accurate results.

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FindClone features

#1: Duplicate Finder

#2: File Management

#3: Cloud Backup

#4: Security Scanning

#5: Cleanup Tools



Search4faces is a search engine dedicated to facial recognition. It is an advanced facial recognition tool that provides users with a powerful and accurate way to find people’s faces. With Search4faces, users can search for images of faces online or upload their photos to the platform and get results with similar-looking people in seconds. The accuracy of the facial recognition technology used by Search4faces is said to be 99%. The platform also offers various customization options, including age range selection, gender selection, skin color selection, ethnicity selection, hair color selection, and even eye color selection. These features allow users to narrow their searches according to their specific criteria.

 Furthermore, Search4faces stores the image results in its database, allowing users to access them anytime without having to re-upload new images whenever they need them again. This feature makes it easier for organizations and law enforcement agencies that use facial recognition technology for identification purposes. It reduces the hassle of searching for similar-looking persons from multiple sources each time they require a face match.

Search4faces features

1: Face Recognition

2: Image Classification

3: Facial Searching

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