Best Streaming Services Canadians Are Deprived of

Streaming Services

The prevalence of streaming services is expanding significantly. The rivalry in the streaming sector is becoming fierce as a consequence of the increasing demand.

If you are a Canadian immigrant who relishes streaming and is looking for a platform to watch the content on. This website offers a comprehensive list of every streaming service available both inside and outside of Canada so you can pick the one that best meets your needs.

The phrase “not available in Canada” may be the ultimate snub for an internet streaming platform. There may be a plethora of reasons why certain services originate in another nation while others view Canada as an afterthought. One obvious factor is the nation’s comparatively small population. Although some services are likely to start in the nation, others can discover several ways to continue operating outside the nation and continue to make more money.

Where VPN comes into play

Numerous globally well-known streaming services are currently inaccessible in Canada for an assortment of reasons, notably licensing constraints, as was already discussed. Every dilemma has a cure, which is where a VPN comes in.

The approach would be to install a VPN, which will permit customers to virtually disguise their location. To access your streaming platform, which is prohibited in Canada, you would be required to use VPN software in conjunction with it to acquire an American IP address. This makes it simple to create the perception that you reside in the US although your actual location is in Canada. Unblock all geo-restricted streaming sites in Canada and throughout the world with CanadaVPNs’ extended collection of the most affordable, dependable, and cheap VPNs.

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Platforms for Streaming

A method of online streaming in which a subscriber can acquire services on demand over the web. On a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or another compatible smart device, the services can be accessed. The reliability of the stream impacts many streaming services’ minimum speed recommendations. The greatest streaming services also have the best internet.

Following are a few examples of well-known streaming services:

·    Playstation Now

·    Xbox Game Pass

·    Pandora Radio

·    Youtube TV

·    Google Play Music

·    Amazon Prime Video

·    Hulu

·    HBO Max

·    Netflix

Watch Inside America’s Hat in real-time

The avalanche of streaming sites has also swallowed up Canadians, just like the rest of the world. The method Canadian customers now access online material has substantially altered owing to these services. Among the nations that adopted the streaming trend, the fastest was Canada.

According to national polls, 73% of Canadians access movies, TV shows, or other online media at least every month, whereas 46% access streaming music services regularly. Both types of streaming have swiftly become one of the most well-known online leisure time in Canada. On an average day, 41% of individuals watch movies online. As digital sites have driven out the old cable companies from the business, 49% of Canadians now use some sort of streaming service.

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The current pandemic is driving up demand, which implies that streaming media will continue to expand. The utilization of streaming services available online by Canadians has surged by 167%, according to statistics.

The aforementioned are some notable online streaming services that Canadians are excluded from.


It appears improbable that HBO GO will be granted access through the Canadian online streaming service. One consequence of the restricted access is the segregation of premium content by Canadian Right Holders. Movie Network has a license to the series it airs, while “CraveTV” possesses exclusive Canadian rights to the company’s backlist. HBO GO will not become available in Canada as a hold subscription until the contract is over.


Originally envisioned for global use, a US-launched online video experiment service is currently only accessible in the US and Japan. Its compact size and limited advertising market seem to be the two primary reasons why it is not accessible in Canada. The Canadian Rights Holders split and diced a variety of services, and rival broadcasters in the nation control the rights.

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Youtube Red

Offering a logo service from Youtube with attributes like background. Songs, enjoying videos offline, no commercials, etc. Considering that Youtube prefers to begin in just a few markets, consolidate itself, and then exploit, it is plausible that Canada will soon get access to this version of the service.


Prior to discontinuing operations in 2007 owing to problems with acquiring musical rights, the company spent several years serving the Canadian music industry. Considering Pandora is still only an internet radio service and not a full-fledged streaming music platform, it is improbable that it will ever compete directly with services like Apple Music or Spotify.


Technology has changed the world for the good in a relatively short amount of time. Plenty more things that are yet to be developed or understood by technology have already made life easier. Concerning these streaming services, they offer excellent leisure pleasure to individuals.

In the sophisticated, technological age, the scarcity of such services is unjust in every way. In order to acquire geo-restricted content, individuals who are restricted from it turn to illegal techniques and methods, which boosts the frequency of cybercrimes. The solution to this lack of services, not just in Canada but in any other nation in the globe, is in addressing conflicts relating to rights, accessibility, and all other relevant issues so that the general public can easily access this new entertainment universe.