7 Modern And Stylish Range Hood Idea

Stylish Range Hood Idea

Today’s kitchens come with a plethora of new and improved appliances that bring convenience and ease of use to cooking. You can now get everything from smarter microwaves to ovens that can be programmed for specific times so that you don’t have to waste time every time you want something to be cooked. 

The only downside is that this also means that getting a good look at your kitchen is no longer as convenient as it used to be, which is why new range hood designs are constantly being introduced in order to balance things out again. 

The range hood is one of the most important kitchen items because it helps keep fumes, odours, smoke, and grease from escaping into the air from whatever you’re cooking—making sure that anything you cook smells great instead of causing everyone in the house to gag or sneeze. 

Here are 7 modern and stylish range hood ideas you can use right away in your own home!

1. Choose Copper as a Material

While copper is an ancient material that has been used for thousands of years, it is currently experiencing a modern renaissance thanks to its unmatched durability and unmatched style. 

CopperSmith range hoods can be made from copper, and this material is not only extremely durable, but it is also extremely stylish. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just go for one. You have to consider how it will fit in your kitchen. It might not be feasible to install a copper range hood in your kitchen if it has steel accents. Copper has a reddish-brown hue, which will clash with the chrome look of aluminium. 

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2. Consider How It Will Fit In Your Kitchen

Before you go shopping for the material and design of your range hood, you should first consider how it will fit in your kitchen. It is important to remember that your range hood is a centrepiece of your kitchen. A range hood that does not fit will appear out of place and ruin the whole look of the room. 

Some CopperSmith range hoods come with an integrated exhaust fan, which is definitely a bonus. However, you should remember that the exhaust fan is only supposed to smell bad smells and not create them. If you do not have an integrated exhaust fan, you should ensure that the hood you are considering has one.

3. Do You Want Lights on Your Hood?

Lighting features on a range hood can be super convenient. It can help increase visibility around the cooking area so you can see your appliances as well as your meal preparation activity. If you want a continuous light on your range hood, then you should make sure that your range hood will be able to utilise that option. Most range hoods, however, are designed to be either continuous or flashing.  

4. Get a Matching Color 

Another thing you should do before you get the material and design of your range hood is to get a matching color for the range hood and the wall behind it. Doing so will actually create a very elegant look in your kitchen. 

If you can’t find one that matches the wall, you’ll be happy to know that since copper is a natural material, it can be stained or painted to any color you want. So, you can get a custom color to complement your kitchen décor.

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But you should also consider whether you want your range hood to have a light in it or not. If you are choosing a range Hood that has a light integrated in it, then you should consider the color of the light you want. If you want a bright light to brighten the whole kitchen up, then you can get a light that is designed to be bright. If you want a softer light, then you can get a light that is designed to be soft.

5. Choose a Convenient Place to Mount It 

Another thing you should consider before you get the material and design of your range hood is where you want to mount it. You can mount a range hood on the countertop, on the wall, or on the ceiling. However if you choose the countertop option, you should make sure that you are not mounting it too close to an appliance that produces a lot of heat, since this is likely to cause a lot of steam. 

You should also make sure that you have taken into consideration the spacing between your appliances and your range hood. The spacing is important because you will want to make sure that neither the range hood nor the appliances on it get damaged.

6. Consider the Finish of the Material

When you are choosing the material for your range hood, you also have to consider the finish. There are three finishes you can choose from: spray, wipe off, and electrostatic. 

Spray-finish range hoods are easy to clean and do not require much care because you can simply wipe them down with a rag when they get dirty. 

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Electrostatic and wipe-off range hoods, on the other hand, are a bit harder to clean. You have to use a special cleaner that you have to apply with a rag, and you have to keep the range hood clean because not doing so will eventually cause it to start dusting up.

7. Shape and Design

When you are choosing the material and finish of your range hood, you also have to consider the shape and design. CopperSmith range hoods come in all sorts of shapes and designs, most of which can be mounted on the wall, the countertop, or the ceiling. However, not all of them can be mounted on all of these surfaces. 

Remember to also consider the size of the range hood when choosing the shape and design of the appliance as highlighted above. The smaller the range hood, the more likely it is to be able to fit in a small kitchen.

In Summary 

Choosing the right range hood for your kitchen is extremely important. Whether you have a gas stove or an electric stove, you need a range hood that is designed to filter out the fumes and grease from the air. 

If you don’t have the right range hood for your stove, you might end up not getting the best service as you would like. Today’s CopperSmith range hoods can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. However, before installing one in your kitchen, you need to make sure that it will work with your stove and you need to make sure that it will fit in your kitchen.

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