4 Ways to Boost Your Business with Residential Proxies

Residential proxies

Most people have no clue what a proxy server can do. Those who do mostly know about unlocking online content and web scraping. However, proxies can do so much more, especially for businesses focused on consistent growth. Online or offline, any type of enterprise can benefit from reliable residential proxy servers. 

How Can Residential Proxies Improve Your Business

A residential proxy is a type of proxy whose IP address is provided by an actual ISP (internet service provider). They differ from other proxies as their IPs are real IP addresses assigned to genuine users and locations. Many businesses all over the world have recognized the power of these tools. Here are the most common ways a business can take advantage of residential proxy servers. 

Scrape the Web Safely and Efficiently

Web scraping is the extraction and collection of data from websites and other online platforms. Businesses use scraping to collect important information about market trends, consumer behavior, and competitors. Several websites try to protect their data from scraping, making it hard to extract protected data without being blocked. Residential proxy servers are a legal and practical option for efficiently bypassing these blocks. Since they come from genuine desktop and mobile devices with authentic IP addresses, there’s no way to recognize them among other regular visitors, so they’re impossible to detect and block. 

Monitor Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews can have an enormous impact on your online reputation. SERP algorithms factor in customer reviews in determining the ranking of a business. Tracking, analyzing, and responding to reviews quickly and appropriately is one way to boost your online reputation. Positive reviews increase a business’s exposure, image, and trustworthiness. 

Blocking is a potential issue when scrapping this data. Residential proxies easily circumvent geo-blocking by using IP addresses from the location of interest. By assigning a different IP to each request, rotating residential proxies allow large-scale scraping without detection.

Accessing data in real-time is essential in monitoring reviews. Quick responses to reviews are only possible if access to real-time data is available. Residential proxies enable you to scrape large amounts of data without bans, interruptions, or restrictions. 

Enhance Online Security

With almost a million complaints and losses in the billions annually in the US alone, online security is a serious concern to businesses. Aside from gathering data, residential proxies can also boost security. Organizations can identify unauthorized sellers and fake websites illegally trading and earning from their products using scrapers integrated with proxies. 

The most prevalent threat is phishing – a scam where an attacker, posing as a legitimate business or institution, sends a false email or message to get the victim to reveal sensitive information or deploy malicious software like viruses, malware, or ransomware.

Residential proxies detect and track all inbound and outbound emails for malicious attachments and links before they even reach the target network. By acting as a gateway between your system and the internet, proxies can block websites with suspicious activity or that contain malware and can be used to protect against different types of cyber threats. They create an extra layer of security and assign an actual IP address while concealing your existing one. 

Obtain Real-Time Data

Gathering accurate, real-time pricing data is vital for a business as it improves its ability to improve services and change its practices and prices to remain competitive. For example, airlines and hotels have dynamic websites which easily track any repeated inbound bot requests and block suspect IPs, making it impossible to scrape data from these sites without triggering a ban.

Ordinary bots are more suited for static HTML pages and usually encounter problems scouring dynamic pages, making them more noticeable. Rotational residential proxies easily bypass geo-blocks and evade detection by sending each request from a new IP address. They allow you to collect data from any location without restriction accurately. 

Scrape Data from Search Engines  

Search engines are a great source of valuable data. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex continuously collect and sort tons of data for their users, making them the biggest target for scraping. These companies are constantly finding new ways to detect, prevent and block bots from scraping their data.

Strategies like using anonymous IPs to send requests, controlling the time between requests (from a few seconds to minutes), and changing the number of requests or the sending sequence may help you avoid detection. Proxies like IProyal residential IP’s service have advanced rotation options to help you keep your web scraping operations below the radar. 

Final Words

Getting the correct information at the right time can make or break a business. Gaining any advantage over your competitors is key to success, and residential proxies have proven to be a helpful tool that can help you get a leg-up over others in your industry!