4 Popular Stereotypes About Online Gambling Debunked

Online Gambling

The world of online gambling is surrounded by many stereotypes. Read this article to get to know about the true state of affairs!

When choosing the best online casino, people tend to believe in too many stereotypes. Are old gambling platforms better than new ones or vice versa? Are 10 pound deposit UK casinos indeed the most lucrative ones? Should you believe friends that recommend top gambling sites to you? In this article, we’ll list the most popular stereotypes related to online gambling.

If Your Friend Hit a Jackpot in a Certain Online Casino, You Should Join This Gambling Platform Too

Word of mouth has always been one of the most efficient advertising tools for casinos. Indeed, when a good friend of yours says they have won a handsome sum of money at a certain gambling platform, you might be tempted to sign up for this platform too!

But if someone else turned out to be lucky in a certain casino, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to repeat their success story. All legit and licensed casinos give all their customers equal odds to win. No algorithms or dependencies can explain or predict someone’s luck in a game of chance.

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Moreover, you might want to avoid the game that allowed your friend to hit the jackpot. If someone already won a large prize in a certain slot, the sum of the available jackpot has significantly decreased. You should be able to check the remaining jackpot amount right on the game’s icon.

It makes sense to join a casino that your friend recommends if they praise the quality of customer support, the selection of games, the profitability of the bonus system, the speed and security of financial operations. But if a friend says that a specific casino is allegedly the most generous one, that’s not necessarily true. Plus, you might want to join a certain casino if someone sends you a referral link to it. In this case, both you and the person who invites you can get some perks in terms of the referral program.

The Best Casinos Are the Most Famous Ones

If the name of a certain casino brand seems more familiar to you than any of its rivals, it means only one thing: this brand targets its ads at users with your characteristics. And it doesn’t say anything about the gambling platform itself.

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Old Casinos Are Better Than New Ones (Or Vice Versa)

Both old and new gambling platforms have their pros and cons. The older a casino, the more time it had to build a reputation for itself and a loyal fanbase. Such a platform should be less likely to turn out to be a scam, especially if it belongs to a renowned group of casinos.

On the flip side, the websites of old casinos might look not too modern. Their functionality might be a bit too outdated. But they don’t want to change anything deliberately. Gambling businesses make a lot of money, so they can afford to build new sites and apps. But their numerous loyal customers might fail to support innovations. People who have started gambling at a certain casino twenty years ago might be reluctant to switch to a new design. Casino teams find it more reasonable to retain their loyal clients rather than invest time, money and effort into attracting new ones.

Online casinos that hit the market a couple of years ago are more visually appealing. Their sites and apps are eye-candy. They go to great lengths to build a large customer base and get a competitive edge over their rivals. But they have no history and no reputation yet — and this is their major drawback.

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The Best Casinos Are the Ones with the Most Generous Welcome Bonuses

Some casinos might promise to increase your first deposit up to 500%. It might seem like a very lucrative present at first sight. But you need to check the full conditions of the welcome package. What’s its wagering coefficient and validity period? Which payment systems and games is it compatible with? Are there any hidden surprises that might discourage you?

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand the essence of the main stereotypes about online casinos. If you come across the name of a certain gambling platform more often than of the names of other brands, it doesn’t mean this is the best online casino ever. It just targets its ads at users with the same characteristics as you. Both old and new casinos have their pros and cons, so you should think carefully about which suits you best. When comparing the welcome bonuses of various gambling platforms, you should pay attention to all their conditions and not only the sum of the cash gift. Finally, if someone else hit a jackpot at a certain gambling platform, it doesn’t mean you will be just as lucky in the same casino.