3 Things to Consider When Looking for a Fire Pit Cover for Your Outdoors

Pit Cover

If you have a fire pit built in your backyard, it is fun to toss-up delicious BBQ meals, hot dogs, pork chops, and marshmallows from the comfort of your home. If you have a tarp over your fire pit, it is not enough. What you need is a fire pit cover to keep it clean and dry. Strong winds blow away tarps and these are not breathable enough, this may cause damage to your fire pit.

According to an article published in Good Housekeeping, when you have a stylish fire pit, you need to think about ease of use, quality, and of course, safety. Investing in the right cover will ensure protection for your fire pit. Here are three things to consider when looking for covers:

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1. Material

Fire pit covers are usually made of canvas, polyester, or cotton. Remember that cotton or canvas is not waterproof; however, these materials could add heft and extra insulation as well as protection from the elements. If you choose polyester, you will find extra layers of water-resistant material.

Polyester has some exceptional qualities that make it the best material for your fire pit cover. The product is waterproof to protect your fire pit from rain or snow. It also blocks UV radiations. When it comes to price, polyester is also affordable and therefore, the preferred choice of customers.

2. Size

Fire pits have varied sizes and so do the covers. Then, most of the pits come in three fundamental shapes including square, circular, and rectangle. You need to match the size of your pit with the fire pit cover. Therefore, choosing the right shape is very important because a circular cover will not adequately cover and protect a rectangular fire pit. That is why you need to measure the pits depth, height, and width so that you can choose the right cover for the same.

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If you have a portable fire pit, you will need a small cover. The modern pits will require circular or square-shaped covers. In case, you do not find the exact size, opt for covers that are an inch or two bigger and cover your fire pit sufficiently. When your fire pit is fully covered, it ensures protection from the elements.

3. Price

Usually, the price of fire pits is between $10 and $100, the average cost being $30. Then, if you have a bigger fire pit, you will need a large cover, which costs more. If you have a pit with a unique shape, you will require a custom fire cover, costing a bit more than the standard varieties.

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We recommend that you do not penny-pinch when it comes to fire pit covers. You need to protect your fire pit so that it lasts for years. Therefore, pay a reasonable price. If you have the budget, you can choose expensive covers. Then, covers are usually affordable.


These are some of the factors to consider when shopping for fire pit covers. Make your choice based on material, size, and price. Do not compromise on quality for a cover that is available at a throwaway price. Such materials never last long, remember.

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