10 Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate 2021

mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is the purchase and sale of goods and services via a mobile phone. Here are the top trends for mobile commerce in 2021.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications were one of the main developments in mobile commerce in the e-commerce sector. In the last several years, companies have been motivated to consider mobile first while trying to build their platforms and online presence. 

A progressive web app is a page that has the appearance of a smartphone app. Developing and launching native smartphone applications can be costly. 

Expect to see more companies take advantage of PWAs to provide a stronger, quicker web experience whilst also using a browser.

Mobile Apps for Shopping

One of the most important developments in mobile commerce is the growing usage of mobile shopping applications. It is no surprise as more people are using their mobile phones to purchase digitally. 

Online users can browse smartphone applications and mobile websites from different devices. Typically, you can divide handheld devices into two groups, tablets and smartphones.

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Omni-Channel Retail

In basic terms, omni-channel retailing is a method of marketing goods across various outlets. An e-commerce platform, a smartphone app, and a retail store will all count as separate mediums.

For Omni-Channel shopping, the aim is to link all together to have a coherent experience. And those of you having a direct shopping footprint rather than an internet retailer, you cannot handle those consumers differently. Consumers are starting to demand seamless experience across platforms.

One-Click Ordering

The smartphone ecommerce software helps you to store consumer details on your user profile. When it is time for customers to complete their order, they do not need to type their data manually each time.

One-click shopping allows consumers to complete the whole buying process with a single step. This feature is a win-win situation for all sides.

Conversions should rise for online marketplace sellers. This removes the pressure points of purchase for online shoppers. They will select what they need and purchase it straight from the mobile business app in a matter of minutes.

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Social Media Commerce

In the past, companies have encountered considerable difficulties in converting social traffic to profits. It was a challenge to maneuver from a social networking post to a consumer brand ecommerce website.

In 2021, more companies will collaborate with digital advertising platforms and create ecommerce purchases on social media platforms. Consumers will browse, shop, and at the same time engage with their friends and favorite products. 

Store owners can make further investments and carry out e-commerce purchases inside the social app.

Voice Shopping

Voice shopping is one of the developments in mobile commerce that many online retailers appear to ignore.

In the past few years voice assistants like Alexa and Siri have grown in importance and approval. And this is shifting the way people utilise voice searches. Voice search is expected to further infiltrate the e-commerce industry in 2021.

Mobile Chatbots

It’s not unusual for consumers to require assistance while they’re shopping online. And more than half of online users would prefer a chatbot over an actual representative if it’s faster.

The importance of mobile commerce chatbots will also continue to expand in the future. And that makes them one of the main developments in mobile commerce in 2021.

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VR and AR Integration

VR and augmented reality have been common talking points in technology for a long time now. Mobile retail applications have also begun to utilize AR to boost consumer shopping experience. 

For a smartphone retail app, you can use AR to evaluate your users and suggest the best match. You may also tailor orders depending on the actual size of a customer.

Mobile Payments

In 2021, consumers can use their phones to make more transactions than ever before, so if you want to make your company thrive, you need to incorporate mobile payments into your business model.

Mobile Fraud

Apps are less vulnerable to online fraud and other widespread attacks from smartphone web browsers. And by default, the apps are often more stable.

Customers should not have to type their payment details manually for each purchase. The software will conveniently store both user and payment details to secure it against any infringements.

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